Hello, friends. Happy Friday and Happy Veteran’s Day. How are you? Thank you for participating in conversations here this week. I loved your thoughts on how our homes affect our hobbies. And I appreciate the comments, discussions — and venting too! — on the election post.

Today, to mark Veteran’s Day, I’m taking advice from this article on How to talk to a veteran. I have two brothers-in-law, Paul Rodgers and Daniel Madsen, who are both serving right now as Colonels (Paul is married to my sister Rachel, and Daniel is married to Ben Blair’s sister Carol). How about you? Are you a veteran? Or active duty? Or maybe you have someone in your family who is currently serving? Is there anything military-minded on your schedule for today or tomorrow?

I’d love to hear your plans, and I have a few things I’ve wanted to share with you:

– This is long, but important. The world of kids Youtube videos is bizarre and deeply disturbing

– So cool! Removing 200 years of varnish on a painting.

I didn’t understand how widespread rape was.

This Italian village will pay you to move there. Yes, please.

Pregnancy and childbirth are killing black women at inexplicable rates.

A 1400 square foot super efficient pre-fab home. I’m starting to get obsessed with pre-fab houses. Again.

– The boyfriend cut jeans I ordered have arrived and I think I love them even more than the wide cut pair! (And Mott & Bow just launched the mom jean too. It looks really good. I want to try it.)

Some American prisons are taking inspiration from European ideas.

– I was fooled all this time! The candy lobby, the barbecue lobby, and the golf lobby are behind Daylight Saving Time. Not farmers.

– Is it just me and my hormones? This Love Over Bias commercial brought on the waterworks.

What are your thoughts on beards? The trend is still going strong!

What space sounds like.

I hope you have a really wonderful weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.


P.S. — The picture at top was snapped when we lived in France. In the fall, they don’t really sell the standard jack-o-lantern pumpkins we have here. Instead the pretty gourds and squashes they have are just for eating.