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Hello, Friends. How are you? From what I can tell, the last wave of school starts happened this week. So I’m guessing everyone is officially adjusting to a new fall schedule. I hope it’s going well.

I went to back to school night for the elementary school last night. While I was there, I realized it’s the first time we’ve only had one child in elementary school for 15 years! Usually, Ben Blair and I have both needed to attend in order to make it to two (or more) class presentations, but last night I went solo. It’s a new era at the Blair house.

For the East Coast and Texas, no doubt hurricanes are demanding more attention than any back to school thoughts. In the West, fires are freaking out everybody. I feel like the whole country is just holding its breath through the weekend. Like you, I’m praying for safety for those I know and love.

I’ve gathered some particularly good links for you this week. Here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

– “I let my husband rape me, and here’s why.”

How zoos and aquariums handle hurricanes.

– A sneak peek of the set of Amy Sedaris’ new show.

– Looking into the future for a child with autism. (NYT)

– Apparently, an all-girl remake of Lord of the Flies in the works. Here is how someone imagines it playing out.

The men who left were white.

– The 1940s map showing our nation of immigrants.

– Love this! The longest theater stage in the world.

– How some economists discuss their female colleagues.

– We did our fall closet rotation this week. Related — how to mend your clothes.

– A machine that makes planting a breeze.

The concept of “premium mediocre” — what are your thoughts?

– An obsessive guide to music played at The Gap in the nineties.

I’ve been experimenting with Prime Pantry lately. In fact our 3rd box arrives today. I noticed that Whole Foods items started showing up there this week. Have you tried it?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.