Hello, Friends. How are you? How was your week? Looking forward to the weekend? I sure am. Guess what’s happening right this minute: Maude Blair is on her way back from Paris! She’s on the plane now, and she’ll arrive this evening. We’re so excited to have her home for a bit before she moves into the dorms in August. On Sunday, we’re going to celebrating her safe return, and her high school graduation, with a little family BBQ.

Something else I’m excited about? There is only one week left in the school year. Yippee! I need to head out to do a little prep for Maude’s return (we want to fill the cupboards with some of her favorite American treats), but before I go, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

– The top 20 percent of Americans “hoard the American dream“. 

– I went to a late showing of Wonder Woman last night and LOVED it. Then I read this post about the movie and realized I teared up at the exact same spot as the author. Do you have plans to see it?

– Related, a movie house in Texas is hosting a couple of all-women screenings of the movie and some men are not happy about it. The Austin mayor replied to one of their complaints.

– A machine that sucks CO2 out of the air.

– Thoughts on the Paris Accord? I appreciated the illustration above by Micah Player, and I’m fascinated by the cities, states and companies who have stepped in. (NYT)

– On adding color to old black and white photos.

– I was sickened to learn about an Alt-Right faction of Mormonism that is getting attention. In addition to spewing hate across the internet, they are also specifically targeting women of color within the Mormon church. It’s horrible. Related, I’m wondering how Church members and church leadership will respond. Many church members were very vocal about condemning Kate Kelly, the founder of Ordain Women, and she was eventually excommunicated. Will Church members be as vocal about condemning the Alt-Right hate and the woman who is leading it out? 

She remodels campers for fun. Lots of great before and after photos.

– We aren’t build to live in the moment. (NYT)

– A women’s movement grows in an unexpected place.

– What is radicalizing white male terrorists?

– There’s a new app called Minutiae. It’s attempts to prevent curation and get real snapshots of life. I haven’t tried it yet. You?

The advantage of being a little under-employed.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I LOVED all the discussions we’ve had this week, and there’s more good stuff coming. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.



Credits: Illustration by Micah Player. Used with permission.