Hello, Friends! How are you? How was last week? I arrived back from Alt Summit on Saturday evening. And as you can see, I’m still playing catch up (yes, this post should have been published on Friday). But happily, I should be back to my regular schedule this week.

Alt Summit was delightful. The new location really breathed a big dose of fresh air into the conference. The weather was stunning — a perfect 75 degrees — and it’s pretty much impossible to take a bad picture at The Saguaro hotel. We were making jokes that next year, we will need to offer a class titled: What to Do When There are Too Many Good Things to Instagram. : )

I’m working on a little post with highlights from the event, but in the meantime, here is drone footage of everyone gathering for Todd Oldham’s keynote at the pool. It was shot by Jesse of Link in Profile.

Yesterday we gathered with friends to watch the Super Bowl. Some years I pay more attention, but this year, I didn’t even know who was playing till I arrived at our host’s house. Everyone brought treats and snacks to share (our contribution was Krispy Kremes), but I want to note that my favorite thing was a bowl full of peeled, chilled, clementines.

Heaven! I was told they were supposed to be for the kids, but the grownups totally took them over. I don’t know what it was. Something about the luxury of having another person peel the fruit for me — such a rare experience as a parent! Anyway, I highly recommend adding peeled clementines to your next party menu.

I’d love to hear if you watched the game, and what you ate, and what you thought of the surprise ending! Also, I have a few things I’ve been wanting to share with you:

– The theory that explains the anger of our political moment.

– Beyoncé is expecting twins! And she created the most remarkable maternity photo shoot to celebrate.

– A black Dallas family ‘did everything America said we should’ but still endures racism daily.

Dior’s Maria Grazia — their first female creative director. (NYT)

Ten Meter Tower. This is mesmerizing. (NYT)

Muslims who saved Jewish people during the holocaust.

– What was your favorite commercial from the big game yesterday? I love this one.

– The 30 cheapest places to travel this year.

– Feeling like a dunce about politics and the constitution? Civics 101, a new podcast from New Hampshire Public Radio is getting good reviews.

– Your new crush: this 80-year-old Japanese toymaker.

A saint for difficult people. (And now I really want to read Dorothy Day’s new biography.)

I hope you had a lovely weekend. I’ll meet you back here tomorrow. I missed you the whole time.