Hello, Friends! How are you? How was your week? This has been a good one at our house. We decorated the tree and put twinkle lights in any dark corners. It’s been rainy and grey and foggy — which is about as wintery as Oakland gets — so we’ve had good reason to have hot cocoa on the stove. The house feels cozy and festive, and I attended a fun cooking group and cookie exchange on Tuesday night. A good week.

Some darkness this week too as our city processes the tragedy of the GhostShip fire. 36 people — young artists mostly — died in a warehouse fire. It’s taken several days for people to start writing about it, and I think it’s partly because it’s just so sad. It wasn’t an attack, it wasn’t intentional, there isn’t an enemy to focus on. It’s just a heart-breaking loss, without any silver linings to be found.

Some of what I’ve been reading about the fire: Here are profiles of those who died in the fire. Here’s a think piece reaction, Has America abandoned its Artists? And here’s an NPR report on how some local artists fear the fire will mean a crackdown on their living spaces. Several of the articles I’ve read so far contradict each other. And that’s okay. Again, I think everyone is still just processing.

And now for a total change of subject. I have a few things I’ve been wanting to share with you:

– A provocative piece that has me thinking. Men dump their anger into women.

– Amy Turn Sharp is giving the sweetest daily challenges on Instagram (like the one pictured at top). She has the biggest heart. Go see!

– Are we really living in echo chambers?

– Hah! The candle song.

– A love/hate relationship with the Gilmore Girls revival. (NYT)

– A spoon for people with hand tremors. Inspiring use of technology!

How to put on leggings. #lifegoals

How to hide $400 million dollars. (NYT)

– Married at 14, immigrated to the U.S., husband wrongfully imprisoned for years, then acquitted and released. What a story.

– I love shopping at Williams-Sonoma but this makes me laugh every year (FYI: lots of swearing).

Two awesome exclusive Design Mom giveaways:

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I hope you have a happy holiday weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.