Hello, Friends! How are you? Was it a good week? Anything you’re looking forward to this weekend? Our weekend will be pretty much 100% Scrooge, because as I’ve mentioned, Oscar, Betty & Olive are all in the cast of Scrooge the Musical happening on Temple Hill in Oakland (tix are free — even if it says sold out, show up 15 mins before it starts and you’ll get a seat!). Tonight is the second night of performances. And there are two tomorrow. My mom flew out to see the show, so we’re loving our time with Grandma too.

The only other big thing on the schedule this weekend is getting our Christmas tree. When do you get yours? Is it already up, or do you wait until much closer to Christmas?

One fun thing is that we’ve been doing hair (lots of ringlets!) and makeup (lots of blush!) every night before their 6:00 curtain call. I’ve been sharing peeks on Instagram stories if you’d like to see. (@designmom) It’s actually time to get started right now — Betty’s hair is looong. : ) But before I go, I have a few things I’ve wanted to share with you.

– Hooray! There’s now a New Products section in The Shop! In it, you’ll find 20 or so of the most recently added products. There are new products added on most days, so this section will change up frequently. I recommend checking it regularly if you don’t want to miss anything. : )

– Confessions of an Instagram Influencer.

Bill Nye on renewable energy.

– Patton Oswalt’s year of magical parenting.

– I know it’s a commercial, but Wes Anderson made it and it’s lovely.

– I keep thinking about this tweet series. Especially this one: “To fail to transcend poverty, and to admit you are poor, is to admit you are neither hardworking or clever. It’s cultural brainwashing.” Ugh. We really do make it as hard and shameful as possible to be poor in this (very wealthy) country of ours. We need to do better.

– The song is excellent and the video is a visual feast.

– See that gorgeous picture above? It’s there to celebrate daily posts of Swedish holiday projects and inspiration from now till Christmas. I’ll be following along!

– An honest museum audio tour.

– Cute! Balloon ornament centerpiece.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.


P.S. —