sunset swimming sanary sur mer

Photo and text by Gabrielle.

We drove home from the French Riviera on Tuesday, arriving that evening, and it’s been delightful to be back. We love every place we’ve ever visited in France (and I’ll write up notes about our trip south next week), but Normandy continues to be our favorite. We just feel at home here. Our time in France is rushing by, and we’ve started making a list of everything we still need/want to do before we go — including our back-to-school dates. Since we’ll arrive back in the U.S. right before school starts, we’ll need to do much of our back-to-school prep here. Should be fun!

How about you? What’s on your mind now that August is upon us?

I’m still working on unpacking and laundry from our trip, and I better get back to it, but before I go, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

– Who’s getting excited about the Olympics? Love this hopeful read about Refugee Olympians.

Being Black at School. “I witnessed first hand how the system helped white students thrive while continuing to marginalize Black students.”

– As we’ve suspected all along, women’s clothing sizes are random numbers.

– On the guilt that comes when your child is sick. Beautiful essay.

– Transforming plastic waste into cinderblocks for building.

– It’s not just more diverse books we need, it’s more books like The Snowy Day.

– Things People With Down’s Syndrome Are Tired Of Hearing.

– Thanks grief, for making depression look like the buzzing little bully it always was. Amazing words from Patton Oswalt, who lost his wife 102 days ago.

– What are the odds we’re living in a computer simulation? (I love futurist topics!)

– The human toll of terror attacks. (NYT)

– Farming robot! For your own backyard.

I hope you have a really lovely weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.