Photo and text by Gabrielle.

Hello, Friends. Happy Friday! How are you? What’s your weekend looking like? I feel like ours will be sort-of usual. Lots of stuff — a birthday party, a track meet, Betty is speaking at church — but nothing too major or out of the ordinary. The main thing on my mind is prepping for the Mom 2.0 conference next week. Will I see any of you there?

Some Fridays are laid-back for me work-wise, but not today. Turns out I’ve got back to back meetings and phone calls all day long, so I’m going to keep this note short. But before I go, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

– So cool! Remember the Mormon Transhumanist Association conference that Ben Blair just spoke at? Well, the New Yorker just published a really terrific article about the group.

– In an experiment, inclusion of a person with ADHD greatly improved the problem-solving ability of groups, even though it led to more off-task behavior. Thanks, Ann.

– 50+ picture books featuring mixed race families.

Inflatable bag monsters.

– Accidentally raising a bully.

– A new beehive that harvests honey without disturbing the bees. I love inventions like this! So innovative.

– “This is the white supremacist fantasy. This is the stereotype about black people and our endless forgiveness of the transgressions of white supremacists and anti-black racism that many white people secretly hope holds true.”

– The funniest thing I read all week — a conversation with The Internet.

Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill! (NYT)

– A reader sent in a link to Sophi nail polish. Apparently, it has no smell! And if you follow the directions correctly, she says it lasts her as long as OPI or Essie brands. And supposedly, it doesn’t discolor or weaken the nails. Anyone tried it? Thanks, Ann.

– A message from your exhausted token brown friend.

On public shaming.

Ski treadmill!

– What does sex ed look like if you have a disability?

I hope you have an excellent weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.


P.S. — Like so many people, I’m feeling the shock of Prince’s death. I got the news from Ben Blair yesterday morning, and then I wasn’t willing to get online to read about it until late in the day, as if that would make it not true.