Photo and text by Gabrielle.

Oh my. This week. So many bombs. So much death and pain and heartache. Turkey, then Brussels, then Ivory Coast, then Nigeria. And I imagine I’m missing other bombings that I didn’t even hear about. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it all. Turkey and Brussels in particular hit very close to home for me. My sister Jordan and her family have been spending their spring break in Egypt, Turkey and France. The first time they went out into the city as tourists in Turkey, the bomb had gone off just minutes before. They were totally fine, but too darn close — the troops in riot gear ran past them as they returned to their hotel.

And in Brussels, a missionary from my hometown, Joseph Empey, was seriously injured in the bombing. His parents, Amber and Court, are good friends of our family — I went to high school with them both. In fact, if you’ve been to Alt Summit, you may have met the wonderful Amber Empey at the registration desk. Their son suffered 2nd degree burns to his hands, face and head, and shrapnel in his leg. He’s been through surgery for the shrapnel and the latest reports are good. But dang, that’s super scary. Everyone is completely shook up about it.

Seeing these new reports and knowing people I love are right there in the midst of all of it is pretty impossible to fathom.

In completely opposite news, today is the first day of Spring Break for us. We’ll dye eggs this weekend and go to our church Easter Egg hunt tomorrow morning. Next week, we’re thinking of driving south on a campus tour for Maude and Ralph.

Lots of contrary emotions in my head at the moment, but here are a things I’ve been distracting myself with:

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– Hah! 1950s glasses for women. So subtle!

Thoughts on Peace.

I hope you have a peaceful, beautiful, love-filled weekend. Happy Easter to all who celebrate! I’ll meet you back here next week. I miss you already. Stay safe!