Maude on her bed

Photo and text by Gabrielle.

Hello, Friends! How are you? Happy Monday! Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Is it a 3-day weekend for you? Are your kids out of school? Mine are. But I’m totally missing the chance to hang out with them, because I flew to Salt Lake City last night. Today, I’m working from my hotel room at the Grand America and finishing up a few things for Alt Summit.

This really is a lovely hotel. It was dark when my taxi drove up last night, and the twinkle lights were on in full force and the grounds looked pretty darn magical. My breath caught! This is the 7th January conference we’ve had here (and 12th Alt Summit total), but it’s our last year here at the Grand. We’re announcing our new location this week! Knowing this is our last year here, I am trying extra hard to appreciate all the details. Will I see you here this week? If you’re coming to Alt Summit, please come say hello!

On Friday, I didn’t get the chance to share my weekend link list, so before I turn my attention to Alt Summit, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

– A Martin Luther King Jr. story read by LeVar Burton. It’s a great day to watch this with your kids!

– She confronted the doctor who missed her cancer.

– A breathing trick that helps you fall asleep fast. Have any of you tried this? Does it work for you?

– My friend Diana Prichard is a farmer in the midwest, and she just launched a campaign for a documentary called Farmworker: How Undocumented Immigration Feeds America. I urge you to go read the description, this is such an important topic. And if you’re someone who eats food (that’s everybody!), this affects you very directly and you may not even know it.

– An art project by Endia Beal puts middle-age white women in black hairstyles to explore gender, race, and generational gaps. Thoughts?

– Let’s all move to Bestie Row.

– New birth control methods for men. One is here, and there are more in the works!

– More research on praising kids for effort.

Science myths that will not die.

– I’ve read this essay about Oprah and weight loss and trying 3 times over the last week. I think it’s so good — it’s funny and powerful and important.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday. I’ll be back here tomorrow. Can I still say, I miss you already? : )