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By Gabrielle. Image of little me with my big sisters all dressed up for Easter!

Hello, Friends! How are you? Did you have a good week? Mine sped by like lighting. I flew to New York on Sunday, worked like crazy from early morning till late night on Monday, then flew home last evening. And as I mentioned, one of the most exciting parts was getting to hold an actual, real copy of my book for the first time. I didn’t know it was going to be such an emotional moment, but I completely teared up! I tell you, that new book smell is pretty darn magical.

And speaking about the book, thank you so much for all the enthusiasm about the book tour! I seriously can not wait!! As the details come together, I get more and more and more excited.

But I must say, it feels really good to be back home. This weekend will be a lot of fun — Betty and Oscar are performing in their school’s variety show this evening, and I’ve got a couple of cool photo shoots on the schedule. How about you? Are you doing anything to mark the arrival of Spring? And does it feel like spring at all where you live? I know New York is scheduled for snow today — I flew back home before the storm hit!

I’m off to tackle my to-do list, but before I go, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share with you:

More men named John run big companies than all women.

Eclipse chasers. If I had a life list, seeing a total eclipse would be on it.

– Warmer weather means it’s time for white Vans! There are 3 I’m favoring this spring — classic canvas, leather perforated, and white-on-white checkerboard.

Foliage Easter Eggs.

– How good parents miss child sexual abuse and 5 questions to change that.

– 25 Maps that explain the English language.

– This is tragic and sobering but important article by Nick Kristof about Angola, the deadliest country for kids. #povertyissexist

– How reintroducing wolves helped save Yellowstone.

– Wow! New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function.

– Do you agree? Every woman in every Pixar movie has the exact same face.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.