Santa and Gabrielle Stanley

By Gabrielle. Image of me as a kid — I think I look like Oscar.

Hi Friends. How are you? We are still in the middle of this crazy West Coast storm. Such a different feel from the big nor’easters we experienced during our years in New York — though it’s wet outside, it’s far from cold. But the instinct in response to the storm is still to seek out coziness. Our Christmas twinkle lights are on in full force, candles are lit, throw blankets are accessible, hot cocoa is on the stove. And Maude made the best gingersnaps in all the world.

The kids had off school yesterday, but are back in class today. The Treehouse sprung a tiny link — a very slow, manageable drip — but otherwise, we haven’t had any drama from the storm. Our power has remained intact (knock on wood!) and the roads have been navigable when we’ve had errands to run. We are counting ourselves super lucky and hoping everyone has access to a warm, dry place to be.

What about you? Any weather excitement in your neck of the woods?

My brain needs a bit of cheer this week, so I’m sticking with mostly light-hearted links. Here are a few things I hope you’ll find of interest:

Carrot Clarinet.

Body Image Story of Identical Twins healing body issues after their mother passed due to complications from obesity.

25 Days of Christmas in Sweden.

– FREE e-book of Family Giving Ideas.

– Are you racist? This test can tell you.

– For all of us Gilmore Girl fans, here’s the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge.

– “She wasn’t doing a thing I could see, except standing there leaning on the balcony railing, holding the universe together.” 51 of the most beautiful sentences in all of literature. Thanks, Erin.

– I am a huge Williams-Sonoma fan, but this still made me laugh (Heads up: lots of cussing).

– Thoughts on Bridge to Terabithia by the author. Thanks, Kelsey.

– The Big Bang may have created a mirror universe where time runs backwards. Thanks, Carlos.

– The trailer for The Little Prince. I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s one of my sacred books.

I hope you have a really amazing weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.


P.S. — Ralph & Olive get home in 9 days. I CAN’T WAIT!