19th Anniversary

Image and text by Gabrielle. 

Hello, Friends! How are you? For those of you in the States, are you looking forward to the long Labor-Day weekend? I certainly hope so. I’m picturing happy barbeque gatherings across the country.

What a week it’s been at our house! We arrived home from Sweden on Sunday. We said goodbye to our dear friends Audrey and Nick (they were watching the kids while we were gone) on Tuesday night. Ralph flew to England on Wednesday amid much emotion from his parents and siblings. School started for Maude, Oscar and Betty, but we’re still playing catch up on prep — we have many school-related errands to attend to. We had two birthday celebrations (we now have 3 teenagers!). This morning, we’re driving to Utah for a family gathering. And we’ve been working hard to get Olive prepped and packed for France — while we’re in Utah, Olive will fly to France from Salt Lake City.

There’s so much I want to write about and discuss with you! More reports on our public schools, and how we’re dealing with Ralph’s schooling while he goes from England to France. How the whole family is feeling about sending two of our family members across the ocean. Projects I’m in the middle of (or more likely, behind on). But I feel like I’m in a bit of a processing cocoon, rolling everything over in my mind, having quiet conversations with Ben Blair as I sort my thoughts. No doubt, I’ll be writing it all up soon.

Before we head out, I wanted to share a few things with you. Lots of fun stuff — many of the links sent in from readers!

– Lunch ladies are heroes. Thanks, Reshma.

– I’ve fallen in love with tiny kitchens.

– Hah! The definitive list of the top homeschools across the country.

– The last true hermit: 27 years alone in the woods of Maine. Thanks, Meghan.

– A mountain, a mom, and a year of magical thinking after Dad is gone. (Prepare to cry.) Thanks, Amanda.

– This panda knows a little something about self care. Thanks, Beccah.

Laces help kids learn to tie shoes.

– This is how scientists feel about climate change. Thanks, Julie.

– Another one that made me laugh! Back to school in the 70’s versus back to school today. Thanks, Kathryn.

– Where we donate versus diseases that kill us. Thanks, Laura.

– I don’t pretend to know what this is about, but thought it was interesting. This family wants to find a lucky person (plus one) to take with them to Disney.

I hope you have a really wonderful (long!) weekend. I’ll meet you back here next week. I miss you already.