Image (an animated gif) and text by Gabrielle.

Hello, Friends! How are you? I noticed on my social media feeds yesterday that school ended for some people this week. You too? Our schools continue through the second week of June, so we still have 3 weeks to go. But, we do have a 4-day weekend! No school today and of course, no school on Monday for Memorial Day. So we thought an adventure was in order, and we’re headed to Sequoia National Park. Woohoo!

I’ve never been to Sequoia and I’m really looking forward to it — it’s the one with the tree you can drive through. : ) Have you ever been? We’d be delighted with any advice you want to give. We’re getting on the road first thing, but before we head out, here are a few things I wanted to share with you:

– The slickness of sexism — in response to the abrupt firing of the NYT Editor in Chief. This is a great short writeup, and in the writeup, the first 4 links she includes in the first line are all super smart as well. Thanks, Hannah.

– It’s not just snowflakes. No tears are alikeThanks, Sara.

– “How do I shake a hand that isn’t there?” Excellent videos from a British organization called Scope. Thanks, Amy.

– Getty images Lean In collection. What do you think? Accurate? Too clichéd?

– It’s the Nordstrom half yearly sale. I always go straight for the shoes. These sandals are so attractively simple — do you think they stay on?

Best. Roommate. Ever. (Be aware: lots of cussing — but made me laugh!)

– A family tries to make sense of what happened and what happened to them as the 9/11 Memorial Museum opens. How do we make sense of tragedy and tourist attraction? Thanks Elizabeth.

– Nightstand upcycled into a play kitchen.

10 years of ONE.

– 5 stylish storage ideas for a little kid room.

– The myth of the special needs super momThanks Vrylena.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I’ll meet you back here next week. I miss you already.


P.S. — The image at top is an animated gif I made of our swings. I can’t decide if I like or if it’s too jumpy. : ) But I sure love the swings!