foggy morning

Image and text by Gabrielle.

Hello, Friends! Here I am wrapping up the first week of the new 2014 format and I’m feeling so good about things! Thank you for engaging in the comment sections and taking part in the conversations. I loved reading what you had to say!

Oscar’s birthday was yesterday, and we celebrated with breakfast in bed and cake + presents after dinner, but because yesterday was a school night, we decided to save some of the celebrating for today. As soon as school gets out, the whole family is headed into San Francisco to meet the cousins and do touristy things on Fisherman’s Wharf — Oscar hasn’t seen the seals, or played at the vintage arcade, and he hasn’t taken a cable car ride yet! He’s so excited, he can barely contain himself. How about you? Any fun plans for the weekend?

As soon as I hit publish, I’ll turn my attention to Alt Summit tasks that are waiting for me, but not before leaving you with a few things I’ve wanted to share:

– This little story from Bill Murray about Gilda Radner made me happy.

– Wow. Wow. The best 3-D printed object I’ve ever seen. Thanks, Ginna.

Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains. Stunning.

– Last fall, I went to the HQ of Cricut and learned about some big stuff they have going on and I only have to keep the secret for a bit longer — because they’re making the announcement this month! Go here to see a teaser, and sign up for their email list so you won’t miss the big news.

– Another compelling video about the overwhelming presence of smart phones in our lives. Thanks, Azra.

– A country where 40% of the wealth is held by 1% of the population? Sounds like an old-school monarchy. But it’s the U.S.! This was shocking to me.

– They’re not twins, but they sure look like it.

– Some CaféMom room tours I haven’t shared with you yet:
A bedroom for two that will make your kids feel like they’re at camp. A nursery all in white, with rainbow pops of color. And another nursery with a focus on thrift store finds.

– Have you put your holiday decorations away yet? Then let’s get right to Valentine’s Day! Here are 20 ideas for decking out your house for the day of love.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.


P.S. — We had the most lovely fog yesterday morning. I snapped the picture at top right after the kids went off to school. It’s looks black and white, but it’s really in full color!