buffing wood floors

By Gabrielle.

Hello, Friends! How was your week? At our house, it’s still about about floors, floors, floors — there have been some hiccups! I’d love to write up a post about it. But even with the hiccups, it looks like we should be finished up tomorrow. Another coat of white-washing went on today (it looks so good!), and the last coat of finish goes on in the morning. I’m crossing my fingers it doesn’t affect the color. We shall see!

While I prep for one more evening without a kitchen, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share with you:

– Hah! Hipster Baby Name Generator.

– Wow. You need to see the Wonderbag. It’s a slow cooker that uses no power! Find it on Amazon hereThanks, Karin.

– Have you ever heard of oil pulling? This is so new to me I wasn’t even sure what to think. But I’ve been trying it for a week and I’m kind of obsessed.

– Kanye vs. Your Creative Director (warning – this has some swear words).

– Inspiring the reluctant reader (also, remember the Mo Willems interview?).

– So, so funny! Where do fall on the crunchy scale? (I do, or have tried, a smattering of things from every number.) Thanks, Avril.

 – How a dad keeps connected to his kids while on business trips. Thanks, Sara.

– Something fun! Use the code DZNMOM15, to get 15% off at Isabel Garretón, and use code TWIST50 to get 50% off their ItsATwist scarfves. Both codes expire 12/31.

– Because who is perfectThanks, Lisa.

– Decorist just launched and looks really compelling — get real interior design advice at realistic, flat rates!

– As soon as I have access to a kitchen, I’m dying to try this salad.

– Ralph Lauren stores are featuring Sarah Jane’s illustrations in their holiday windows this year (all over the world!)! I’ve worked with Sarah for ages and am so excited for her I can hardly stand it!

– A beautiful nursery for a baby girl that defies stereotype.

– I should read and re-read this parenting essay regularly.

– 20 great ideas for Neighbor Gifts.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday (with a functioning kitchen!). I miss you already.