Hello Friends! I started out the week with such great energy. Delighted with baby June and delighted for the last week of school. But I discovered on Wednesday that I’ve been pushing too hard too fast and the pushing has slowed down my healing. (Dumb me. I should know better.) So yesterday, I stayed in my pajamas all day long to prevent me from leaving the house. And today, I only slightly upgraded to yoga pants — I’m feeling much better already.

While I rest up and snuggle my little bundle of baby, here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share with you.

The Green Bag Lady has given away over 10,000 hand-sewn grocery bags to recipients who promise to use them instead of disposable ones. Update: She’s giving away Ten Bags to Design Mom Readers right now. Enter through Monday.

– How sweet is this Ruffle Pillowcase dress?

– Oooh La La! French Crafters.

– This sounds lovely. Chefz Table offers in home cooking classes from local chefs. Would you try this?

– Ummm. Is that divider built out of garden hoses? It looks awesome!

– This is what my nephew Roman looks like after his cleft surgery. (He’s still super handsome.)

– I adore Sea Bags. You can win one here.

– I love this article. A company in San Francisco makes compost-able diapers. And also composts them! Thanks Molly.

Baby monitor via iPhone. Has anyone tried this?

– Really good looking indoor climbing tree.

Stephanie is having her big neck surgery today. Send prayers.

– Tips on how to make a Family Mission Statement. Thanks Jade.

– How great is this shirt?!

– Do you like rhubarb? Me too.

– Thing I’m most excited about today: a new episode of Friday Night Lights.

If I haven’t told you already, please know how much I love getting to share our new baby with you — the pregnancy, the birth, her photos. You all say the sweetest things and it makes the whole experience all the more wonderful. Thank you.

Have a fantastic weekend. I hope you get some rest. I will try too! In the meantime, you can picture me exhausted, but happy. For those of you in my area, Happy Last Day of School! The kids are making a huge batch of fresh lemonade to welcome summer vacation. What are you doing?

PS — The image at top is the fresco fragment rescued from Stabiae, near Pompeii, an image both destroyed and preserved by Vesuvius, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-one years ago — Flora gathering flowers, herself a fairer flower. We are still loving Flora June’s name. Thanks, David, for sending the image!