French Farmhouse in the Snow

Text and image by Gabrielle.

Hello, Friends! Was it a good week for you? As I mentioned yesterday, we were snowed in from Monday thru Thursday, and it felt good to have an extra big dose of family time. We did a lot of baking, kept a fire going, and read aloud as a family in the evenings. I was a little worried the kids would get antsy, because we had just finished a two-week school break, but it turned out to be quite lovely.

That said, I will not shed a tear when the snow is gone. : ) Bring on the daffodills! Bring on the forsythia! While we make our weekend plans, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share with you:

A poster designed by a husband for his wife. (Audrey and Nick are two of our closest friends. Audrey is also the Alt Summit graphic designer. We’re so, so, glad she’s out of the hospital and getting stronger.)

– Prep school photos from the LIFE archive.

– A new series of DIY videos especially for kids — like homemade snowshoes, stomp rockets, and a book with a secret compartment!

– What’s your take on terrariums?

– Interested in learning videography? This workshop by Ryan Marshall and Tiger in a Jar looks outstanding. And you get to stay at Rudyard Kipling’s estate!

– A brief history of baby gear.

– Ever wondered what Mickey & Minnie sound like in French?

Rainbow yarn trail.

– Ben Blair sent me this link. It’s the happiest thing on the internet.

– Blown away by these numbers. Especially the computers, food, and education numbers.

– Related, I love, love, love Bono’s Ted Talk. Eradicate Extreme Poverty by 2030!

– The first issue of Vogue.

– On Babble this week: 20 ways to decorate Easter Eggs.

– Also, it’s not too late to plant wheatgrass!

– Will you be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this weekend? We’ll be thinking of Ireland and maybe we’ll dye our milk green. : )

– Last but not least, a lucky pillow.

I hope you have a really wonderful weekend. I hope you make lots of good things happen! I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.