Text and image by Gabrielle.

Hello, Friends! How has your week been? Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, I really start to yearn for Spring in earnest. You too? We’ve had buckets and buckets of rain this winter and the ground is absolutely soaked — puddles everywhere that don’t disappear, even when the rain stops. What I want to do most this weekend, is pull on my wellies and take a long walk through the countryside. How about you? Any weekend plans you’re looking forward to?

While I muddy up my boots, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share with you:

– A new minimalist mentality. Thanks, Katherine.

This tote turns into a picnic blanket.

– Wow! What a fabulous family photo shoot.

– Instead of buying your next car, 3D print one instead!

– Or, have your head made in 3D chocolate. Thanks, Alexandra.

Illustrated zip-lock bags.

– If you like recycled, you’ll love bicycled.

– Like the balloon door idea? Here are 13 more great ways to use balloons!

– At your request, here’s a bit about how Ben Blair and I fell in love — it’s an interview from 2010.

– The Light That Shines. It’s 15 minutes long, so you might want to bookmark it for later. But it’s worth it.

I hope you have a marvelous weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.


P.S. — I’ve noticed that about 10-15 comments per week are going straight to the spam folder on my blog. I’ve been checking the folder and restoring the comments, but if I’ve missed yours, please drop me a line. I’d hate to lose any of your words!