By Gabrielle.

Hello, Friends. How are you holding up? No doubt, you are probably trying to wrap your head around the horrible news of yesterday, and at the same time attempting to enjoy a holiday weekend with your little ones. I find my attempts to do both absolutely brain bending. Word of the shootings came to me yesterday (Friday) as I was writing this exact A Few Things post. Of course, as soon as I heard the news, all work ceased. I couldn’t form another thought, and certainly not a sentence. And I know I’m not alone — my inbox pretty much dried up yesterday, when normally it would be very busy on a December Friday.

I don’t know that my brain is any further along at comprehending what happened yesterday, but I woke up today to my kids feeling festive and talking about Christmas and wanting to visit the local creche exhibit and I feel compelled to at least attempt some normalcy, so I’m writing this post and hoping it will bring some needed distraction, and possibly even cheer, to anyone who’s feeling overwhelmed. I’m going to write the list in my typical, cheerful-with-lots-of-exclamation-points tone — please forgive me if it feels out of place. They are typed with a heavy heart.

Here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share with you:
– Hah! It’s French, but I think you’ll follow along. Thanks, Monique.
– The anatomy of a holiday card.
– Family project: Recycling a canvas.
– I oohed and aahed through every photographThanks, Danni.
Maintain Your Joy.
– Benchwarmer has his day in the spotlight. Happy, happy!
– For my LDS friends, I just heard about this yesterday (apparently my 12 member branch was the last to know : ). I love my church and I will definitely be wearing pants.
– You’ve seen this before but it never fails to bring a smile.

And here are my posts on Babble this week:
– How do you display your stockings? Click through for tons of fun ideas!
– Cookie exchange this weekend? Here you go: 20 ideas and recipes.
– More details on my last-minute grocery store gift picks. What would you add?

I hope you are having a good weekend. I hope you’re able to find a hopeful or lovely thought and cling to it until the cloud lifts. And if you’re compelled to take action, I hope you’re able to find something fruitful and satisfying to do. I will meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.


P.S. — The image at top is the holly swag on my front door. See more on my Instagram stream.


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