It is raining like crazy here in Colorado. I love it. The spring has been so dry but I swear I can see the grass greening up before my eyes in all this downpour. I’m so looking forward to the weekend. My mother is coming on Monday and we’re all excited to see her. (I haven’t seen her since before her Russian mission!). We’ll be stocking the fridge, making sure the house is welcoming and creating a wishlist of projects I hope to get done while she’s here.

Guess what else is on Monday? I’ll be hosting my annual Mother’s Day Giveaway Week. It’s so much fun. Multiple giveaways Monday through Friday. With 24 hours to enter each one. And you’ll LOVE the prizes. I promise. In the meantime, here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share with you:

-This is fun. Cafemom has invited me to write a weekly column called Inspiration Scout. My first post went live yesterday. It’s a Nursery Tour you will love.

-Another really pretty hanging cradle.

-Don’t miss this amazing raffle for sweet Liam. Over 50 artists & studios are featured! Great prizes and only $15 per ticket (or 5 for $50). Happy birthday, Liam!

-More tiny dwellings for me to be obsessed with.

-Darling party with a Where the Wild Things Are theme. My favorite is the cake.



-A fresh spring lunch. Via Bloesem.

Rad kids art.

Perfect food photography.

-Katie does not sell art, but she curates collections with specific rooms in mind. Then, you buy directly from the artist.

-Don’t you want one of these hooded towels?

-I want to eat a tiny Blueberry Cobbler in a jar.

-I’m a fan of swing-arm wall lamps.

A rainbow birthday. It would be fun to adapt this for a kid party.

-Don’t miss my Martha Stewart Clean Giveaway. Three winners will be announced on Monday.

Have a fantastic weekend!