Hello Friends! I climbed out of bed this morning and realized I could see my toes — which I think means my baby has dropped. Do you think I’ll make it to my due date? (It’s May 12th.) I hope she doesn’t come too, too soon. I have not even one item of a layette put together. Maybe we should talk layette next week, so I’ll get in gear and get ready for this daughter of mine.

In the meantime, here are some links I’ve been meaning to share with you:

-The ladies from Blue Carrot find the best old stuff. And then sell it. (All these pics are from their shop.)

-Do you know someone with a cilantro aversion (me!). The New York Times explains why it’s not our fault. (Thanks, Laurie.)

-Super cute porch redo (she spent less than $200).

-I want this Picnic Guide. (And a trip to Great Britain.)

Whoorl’s baby gear post made me laugh really hard.


-It’s like a life-size dollhouse.

-The powerful color of vegetables. (via substudio.)

-Mrs. French, I think we are having twinner pregnancy cravings.

-To mark your garden herbs.

-If only every kid had a father like Uncle Sugar. How happy would the world be?

-Elisabeth has come up with names for this little baby I’m growing. You can vote on her picks here.

-Don’t miss my giveaway from Tea Collection. Lovely, lovely stuff.

Have a fantastic weekend, Dear Readers! I will see you back here on Monday. I miss you already.