Hello, Friends! How are you? Has it been a good week? My head is still full of the sights and sounds and tastes of Switzerland. It was one of the best trips we’ve taken and I can’t wait to share a little report — watch for it next week. We arrived home yesterday. Unpacked last night. And spent this morning at the grocery store.

School starts on Monday! So this weekend, we’ll finish up the school shopping (socks, underwear and shoes), and label all the school supplies. The air has a definite chill in it today. Smells like autumn. Feels like cardigans. And I’m ready. This summer has been particularly amazing. I can’t imagine we’ll have another one quite like it. But I feel like we’ve squeezed every last drop out of summer, and I’m ready to say hello to September. You too?

While I pull out our sweaters and jackets, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share with you:

End of summer flowers.
– We’re done having babies, but Ashley’s story makes me want to adopt 6 more. It’s so heartbreaking to picture little babies out there with no family to love them.
– Found myself drawn in by these images.
Spiral-cut hotdogs just in time for Labor Day BBQs (made my stomach growl).
– Glad to know about Father Rabbit.
– A young mother with terminal breast cancer, makes a heartfelt plea to design a dress for Lady Gaga.
Playing with your food.
Made me laugh, but I wouldn’t dare use one. : )

I hope you have a wonderful weekend welcoming September! I’ll meet you back here on Monday to wish you a Happy Labor Day. I miss you already.


P.S. — For those of you waiting for replies about the new Editor positions, thanks for your patience! I’ll be sending out notes this weekend. Also, more sneek peeks of our Swiss Trip (like the one at top) on Instagram.