Hello, Friends! It’s Sunday, and I’m here with a belated edition of A Few Things. How are you doing? I had an amazing week in New York City. My time there was jam-packed with meetings, conference prep and Alt Summit itself. I hope to write up a little Alt Summit recap — but the main points to hit on are: 1) Martha made a surprise visit! 2) The conference food was prepared by Martha’s personal chef. It was hands down the best food I’ve ever had at an event. And 3) my friend Caroline had the trip of a lifetime. Which included her first cupcake!

We flew back to France Friday evening, on a 6:15 flight, and woke the next morning in Paris. Exhausted but happy. We took the train to Argentan and Ben Blair + kids picked us up at the station. We dropped Caroline off at her house and headed home. I was sure I would fall fast asleep as soon as we arrived, but I got a second wind and this is what happened instead:

Since Saturday (yesterday) was Olive’s Birthday and today is Ralph’s Birthday, we wanted to do something special. Plus, this is our last week of summer — school starts on Monday, September 3rd. So… a couple hours after I arrived home, we quickly packed a few suitcases and jumped in the VW for a road trip! We’re headed to Switzerland!!

To break up the drive, last night we slept in Paris. We woke up this morning, and instead of the traditional birthday breakfast-in-bed for Ralph, we all had world-famous hot cocoa and croissants at Angelina’s. Heavenly. Now we’re on the road. In less than 3 hours, we’ll arrive in Bern, Switzerland.

Crazy!! But. We really are trying to squeeze as much out of our time here as we possibly can. And a hike in the Swiss Alps sounds like the perfect exclamation point to the end of summer. While we’re on the road, here are a few things I’d love to share with you:

Farewell Neil Armstrong. And this too.
Watermelon slushies.
12 lessons learned from 12 years of writing.
– A sweet and simple nursery for two.
– How to photograph the stars. (The ones in the sky, not the ones in LA.)
All American meat.
– And this video Ralph sent to me (made me cry happy tears!):

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. I can’t wait to catch up with you tomorrow. I’ve missed you already.


P.S. — Any favorite things to do in Bern or Interlaken? We hope to hike near Gimmelwald. And Ben Blair wants to try paragliding!