Hello, Friends! It’s Sunday evening as I type this. What a jam-packed weekend it’s been! We started shooting more Olive Us episodes super early on Friday morning and the filming has taken us all over gorgeous Southern Utah. We’ve been hiking in the red rocks and playing in the sand dunes and having lots of adventures — the image above is a sneak peek!

Filming has kept us busy. Right now, we’re on the road, driving north to Salt Lake City, so I’m squeezing in some computer time to write up my weekend roundup. But it’s worth the wait! Here are a few things I hope you’ll enjoy:

You are what you underline.
Momfilter interviewed me and asked for lots of details about a typical day at our house. Here’s the play-by-play.
– Make your kids smile with a windshield rainbow.
– Hooray for extraordinary women!
– It would be fun to happen upon a pothole garden.
– This orphanage in Uganda needs a fence. Let’s help!
– Cool necklace from a t-shirt.
– Lots of fun pins this week.

I also write for Babble.com. Here are some slideshows I put together this week:
Beauty on a budget! 24 tips and tricks.
– Bored kids? Check out these awesome handmade toys.
– I want to throw a confetti themed party and paint my nails like this.
Homemade cleaning products worth trying!
– 25 Awesome Headboard DIYs.

I hope your weekend has been lovely! I’ll meet you back here tomorrow. I’ve missed you like crazy!