Hello, Friends! This is the last weekend before our month long trip to the U.S. We fly out next Thursday. The kids are going nuts in anticipation! The feeling of going home is so appealing, don’t you think? We’ll be busy around the house this weekend, putting things in order and tidying up. Plus a few errands too. Oh, and we have a school celebration as well — Oscar will be dancing in it! I expect nothing less than amazing. : ) How about you? Any fun plans for the weekend?

While I start on our packing list, here are a few things I thought you might enjoy:

Schoolhouse turned home in Chicago. Love this. Thanks, Lori!

Rocking chair/lamp.

– Oscar & Betty talking about Olive Us.

– Blogging as business: are content and advertising merging?

– Speaking of blogging, this photography series called Bloggers is fascinating to me! Haven’t we all blogged in a completely dark room, lit only by the monitor and our inspiration?

– Obsessed with turbans and headwraps.

– The very hairy caterpillar. (Remember these monograms?)

Pegboard as giant vase.

Pop-up card as garden.

– Ready to get pumped for 4th of July? Me too!

– Lots more summer fun on my pinterest boards this week.

– Does this can opener trick work?

I hope you have an amazing weekend! I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.


P.S. — The wild poppies are outrageous this year! I can’t get enough of them. For more glimpses of my week (including a hedgehog on the driveway!) follow me on instagram: gabrielle_designmom.