Hello, Friends! How are you? Any fun plans for the weekend? We have had a stream of visitors this week — and more coming tomorrow! It’s definitely tourist season in France. : ) This weekend, I’m hoping to spend time working on the house. Re-potting some plants, working through an overflowing basket of ironing. Stuff like that.

We’re also picking out someplace new to explore, because the next Love the Place You Live column will be posted on Monday! (Will you be joining the fun? I hope so!) While I search for a local adventure, here are a few things you might enjoy:

– Oh. I needed a hug today.

– Swimsuit shopping? My favorite one-pieces.

– When art gives you lemons!

– And speaking of lemons, 6 adorable lemonade stands.

– Inspired by Becky’s bench (in the last LWK tour)

-I want a freezer full of this.

This should be a poster in every child’s room, don’t you think?

– I sure do enjoy the Little Corners series.

These ceramic vessels.

– Ralph has been making lots of new movies. As an editing exercise, he reworked High School Musical footage to look like a horror movie. It’s good! You might like Hunger Games Musical Chairs too.

I hope you have a lovely weekend! I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.


P.S. — Do you like the photo at top? Can you believe I get to live in a house that looks like that? Talk about lucky! Feel free to check out my instagram feed for more glimpses from my week. I’m gabrielle_designmom.