Spring Break is officially coming to an end. Our first March in Denver has been as unpredictable as the locals warned us it would be. The weather changes so quickly. We went from shorts and bike riding on Tuesday afternoon to sledding on a foot of snow Wednesday morning. And I write that without a drop of exaggeration.

To celebrate our Spring Break Blizzard we took the kids to Dairy Queen and they each picked out their own Blizzard. Apparently we had never been to Dairy Queen before because none of them had any idea what I was talking about when I suggested the plan. But you can count them as Blizzard fans now! : )

Below are a few things I wanted to share with you as I sign off for the weekend. I’m on my way to New York this morning and I’m very much looking forward to it. In fact, I better be off to finish packing…

-I’m a big fan of Erik Natzke’s artwork. Made without brushes, paints or photoshop — built completely from computer code. Amazing. Erik was one of the keynote speakers at Alt Summit and his presentation was out of sight.

-Need some new trousers for your little guy? Look how cute these turned out — remade from a .99 cent pair of men’s pants. Brilliant tutorial here.

Rad California desk.

-How adorable is this giant ruler for recording your child’s growth. I want.

Gorgeous Easter Egg photos from Abby.

-No idea if they’re actually plantable, but I adore the look of these fabric covered flower pots.

-I’ve never heard of Frankie before but now I want to subscribe.

-My brother made a video that went viral this week. On Tuesday I was the 15th viewer. On Friday morning, there are over 250,000 views. My brother is a Democrat and this video reflects his views (in case you’re not in the mood to watch something partisan). It’s been so fun to watch it spread around the interwebs. Social Media is so fascinating to me!

Make your own Girl Scout Cookies. via NotMartha

-Oh. The green and white parquet floor is calling my name.

-Stephmodo put together an inspiring collection of pretty offices.


Have a fantastic weekend, Dear Readers! I’ll be back on Monday. I miss you already.

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