Bookstore in the woodsBookstore in the woodsBookstore in the woods

By Koseli

Jordan Sullivan and Claire Cottrell, photographers and founders of Book Stand, set up a book club in a densely wooded area of Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Here’s a little background on why they built a bookstore in the woods:

We wanted to do something unique with photography books and something that took advantage of Los Angeles. It is always warm and sunny here and there is so much nature and parkland, so we thought it would be great to use that as the setting for these events. I also just wanted to see what a book store would look like in the woods without walls, just natural architecture.

This set-up looks so peaceful and interesting. I love a good, solid bookstore but the whole idea of buying and reading books outside (and being with other readers who love books as much you do) sounds amazing.

What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever picked up a book? Maybe a garage sale? Or from a Parisian bookstall on the street? Do tell!