By Gabrielle.

Okay friends, here is Gift Guide #2 (find Gift Guide #1 here). As promised, it’s all about Books. I’m a huge fan of giving books because a) you can always find the perfect selection for anyone, young or old, b) there are so many choices, you’re sure to find something in your price range, and c) they’re easy to wrap — no box needed. : ) Here are 12 of my recommendations for holiday gifting.

For Foodies, I’d recommend A Year of Pies by Ashley English. It’s beautiful and I think it would make the perfect Thanksgiving hostess gift. I’d also recommend Deb Perelman’s The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. Last month, Deb and I spoke on a panel together and afterwords she sent me a copy. Friends, it’s gorgeous. And highly useable! You definitely want this book.

For Crafters, you could go with Heather Ross Prints or Pretty Paper Parties. I really like both of these because even flipping through them gave me ideas I wanted to try right then and there!

For Teenagers, I’d see what they thing of this other Face Book. I think it would make them laugh! And it’s really cool in and of itself. Or how about Unusual Creatures for someone who’s curious. Lemony Snicket gave it a seal of approval, so you know it’s good. (Technically, it’s intended for about age 8 and up, but I think people of all ages would enjoy it.)

For the Little Ones, try the activity Kokeshi Style, the latest in the Kokeshi series (my girls LOVE this series, if it’s new to you, start here). Or how about When You Were Small (or the companion book, When I Was Small)? Simple, sweet illustrations and a storyline that will make kids grin.

For Parents, a sweet gift would be My Prudent Advice, a keepsake journal that prompts mothers to record their own personal advice for their daughters. I would also recommend Closer to the Ground, a volume about a father learning to share his love of nature with his children — by actually spending tons of time outside.

For Artists or Hippies, I would give Woodcut by Brian Nash Gill. It’s full of his amazing prints made using cross-sections of trees. I would also recommend In The Wilds by Nigel Peake, a collection of the artist’s hand-drawn observations of rural life. It’s a very pretty little book.

What do you think? Any books on your good-to-give list this year?

P.S. — I may have to do a second book post, because there are so many great choices!