In lieu of a traditional growing-a-family story, I thought it would be fun to share this video today. Miranda of One Little Minute spent 9 months on Project Baby, and then another 9 months editing the results into a lovely video.

Miranda says, “I have been excited about making this little video of outtakes since day one of Project Baby. Looking back to those pregnant days makes me appreciate some of the little things that are easy to take for granted. Like my ankles. And tying my shoes. And sleeping on my belly. The little man was worth every ache and pound, though. He is gentle, curious, and happy.”

I love seeing the little onesie at the end!

P.S. — Here’s another birth video from Shannon.

Note from Design Mom: throughout my 6th pregnancy, I posted reader-submitted advice, memories and stories about pregnancy, childbirth, adoption and growing a family. My baby is hardly a baby anymore — here’s her birth story and her newborn photos — but the series has been so popular that I’m continuing it indefinitely. You can find all the stories in this series by clicking here. Have a story you’d like to share? I’d love to read it. You can send it to me at