Mateo was born on Thursday, May 15th at 11h20 weighing almost 9 pounds and 22 inches. After 14 hours of labor (boy oh boy – I don’t even want to write about it), he came out with a c-section.


It is so amazing. Still can’t believe that he is here and that I am a mom. A mom. A mom.

He looks more like M (my husband does not want to be named on the blog) but he has my mouth.

The recovery was hard but today, one week after, I feel much better since I am writing this text…The wound hurts less, I am walking a bit faster and straighter, my feet don’t look like elephants paws anymore and I almost put on some lip gloss this morning. Lip gloss will be a sign that recovery is almost complete.

I don’t know why but I have never wanted to write about the birth in details. It seemed trivial to write it. I know what I have been through and words will never be enough to explain that very special day. Who cares how long it took and how much it hurt. That is part of the game. See giving birth as a ritual passage you go through. All births stories are SO different. Just be open to YOUR experience. Be there.

Mateo, the only thing I remember clearly and that I feel is important is when you came out. Your voice was so beautiful. You did not even cry, nor scream. It’s as if you just said hello. The first thing I said to your daddy was, “Ohhhhh..he has a  beautiful voice!” I know it is a funny thing to say but your voice was amazing, so soft, so gentle. We cried when we saw how beautiful you were. You looked so awake, so old already! And you had so much hair!

Mateo, you were great from the beginning. You were born at 11:20 PM and I did not get to spend the night with you. I was still under shock from all the drugs and I got to see you only the next morning.  The nurse told us that you had spent a wonderful night. I thought you were such a champion, so strong. I think I instinctively knew that you would be amazing!

Since you have been with us, I feel emotions I have never felt before. My love for you is so immense. I cannot imagine my life without you.

In Spanish, there is a beautiful expression for giving birth. They say: dar luz. To give light. This is what I did. I gave birth to you, my light.

From Tanja of My Life + Cool Things.

PS — Here’s another birth story (including some “lessons learned”) by Elizabeth McEwan.


Note from Design Mom: throughout my pregnancy, I’ve been posting advice, memories and stories about pregnancy, childbirth, adoption and growing a family on Wednesdays. I just had my baby and am taking a blogging break for a week or so. I’ve received so many wonderful stories and thought it would be great to post as many as I can during this little “maternity leave.” You can find all the stories in this series by clicking here.