Peter Thevenot and his wife were visiting George Washington’s Mount Vernon when he saw an espaliered pear tree. And that was that. Two years later, in his forties, he launched what is today the only large-scale nursery in the country that grows nothing but espalier trees. (I know what you’re thinking. Here: Espalier is the art of training trees and shrubs to grow in patterns along a flat framework. Think Downton Abbey scenery.)

Back to what moves me most about Mr. Thevenot. He just up and switched careers midway through his life. Followed a passion he discovered on holiday. According to this article, “he left behind the expense-account life and 28 pounds of neckties for fresh meals, good wine, and a snort of bourbon now and then.” Can you imagine? And not only that, he picked an entirely new, utterly obscure profession. One that moved him to become someone he probably didn’t even know was in him.

I love his life, don’t you?

P.S. Have you ever been so inspired while on vacation that it prompted you to change your life? Maybe you found a new career or changed the way you were living…or bought a cottage! Hah! I’d sure love to hear your stories.