Custom Photo Charms for your charm bracelet.

Photos and text by Gabrielle. This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Celebrate mom this Mother’s Day with the perfect customizable photo gift made with Shutterfly.

Okay, Friends. Let’s talk Mother’s Day gifts. Gifts for your mom, your mother-in-law, your step-mom, your grandmother, your godmother — and maybe a little something for you, too! When coming up with gift ideas, my hope is always to find something equal parts pretty and practical. I love good-looking objects, and I love them even more if they are totally useable! For this post, I’ve partnered with Shutterfly, because they have lots of ideas that fit my criteria, plus they go one step further. These ideas are pretty, practical, and personal.

Custom Photo Charms and Initial Charms for your bracelet. Custom Photo Charms in squares and circles for your bracelet.

Idea number one: Photo Charms!
How about sending gorgeous charms with photos of your kids? You can get them as squares or circles, in silver or gold, or even surrounded with crystals. They are adorable! You can hang them from necklaces, or add them to a charm bracelet or bangle.

Personal Photo Charms in squares and circles for your bracelet.

And speaking of charm bracelets, you can create one from scratch! Pick the bracelet then customize it to your heart’s content. You could start simple, gifting the bracelet with one or two charms. And then, you could send new charms for each birthday and holiday. I find that so appealing, because it means you don’t have to keep thinking up new gifts. You simply send a new charm!

Custom Photo Charms in squares and circles. Would be fun to add photos of places we've traveled.Personal Photo Charm, surrounded by crystals. Personalized Photo Charm Bracelet, with birth stones and a Monogram Charm.

Or you could even create a full bracelet like I did here. I’ve got photo charms for each of the kids, an initial B for Blair, two birthstone jewels representing important dates to me, and a special one of Ben Blair, surrounded with crystals. Wouldn’t it be fun to team up with your siblings and create a special charm collection for your mother? You could have photo charms of all the grandkids, maybe birth stones or initials too.

Monogrammed Mason Jars - you choose the font

Idea number two: Monogrammed Mason Jars!
Talk about some super charming drinkware. I love these! I want to fill them with lemonade and add a striped paper straw immediately. They’re available in all sorts of designs — my favorites are the simple, crisp, two letter and three letter monograms, and you can choose different fonts too.

Monogrammed Mason Jars - you choose the fontCustom Monogrammed Mason Jars - you choose the font

I went with the two letter option and had a set of 8 made — one for each member of the family. Since we have some repeat initials (Betty Blair and Ben Blair, Olive Blair and Oscar Blair), I used two different fonts, one serif and one slab-serif to differentiate.

Monogrammed Mason Jars - make one for each family memberMonogrammed Mason Jars - cute personalized gift!Custom Monogrammed Mason Jars - cute personalized gift!

My thinking is that if we all have an assigned cup, we can use it throughout the day and lighten up our dishwashing. I’ll tell you how it goes. : )

If you’re into useable monograms, you can also try the stemless wine glasses.

Scented Candle with a Personal Photo added

Idea number three: Photo Candles!
This might be my favorite of the three ideas. Actually, I like them all, but this one is very, very cute! You can have any photo added to a candle and there are tons of designs to choose from. Again, I was drawn to the simplest one, the Photo Gallery Candle. I used a black and white image, but you can use color too.

Scented Candles with Personal Photos added. Great gift idea.Custom Candles. You pick the scents and the photos. B&W or color.

As an added bit of fun, you get choose a scent for the candle! And depending on the scent you choose, the candle will have a different color. For example, Grapefruit Blossom scent is white and Fireside Spice is red. The candles are high quality, made with an all-natural soy blend and essential oils, and they burn for 50 hours.

Add type to your custom photo candles.

I ordered two of these candles and added an Eagle Scout photo of Ralph to each one. As you can see, I included a type overlay (Ralph Blair 2016) on one of the photos, and left the other blank. There are tons of options and fonts!

Since Ralph’s grandparents couldn’t make it to his Court of Honor, I thought it would be fun to send them one of these candles to commemorate the occasion. And the scent I picked is Evergreen Forest. Perfect right? I think the green looks very scout-y.

Custom Candles. You pick the scents and the photos. B&W or color.

These make such a terrific gift! I like them because the recipient can use them up and then say goodbye. No pressure or guilt to have them out on display forever. And sending a new photo candle a few times a year, featuring a recent picture of your darling baby, to a favorite aunt or godmother, could be such a fun tradition!

Alrighty. That’s 3 ideas to get the conversation started. Now I’m curious, how do you approach Mother’s Day gifts? Do you have lots of people to buy for? Is it hard to come up with thoughtful ideas, or do you have some angst-free traditions in place (like the charms)? And if you’re a mother, what about gifts for you? Do you make a wishlist so your spouse has something to start from? Does your heart go pitty pat for homemade gifts from the kids? Or maybe all you want for Mother’s Day is a long luxurious nap?


This post is sponsored by Shutterfly.