It’s back to school season! So I thought it would be fun to share 3 picture books about books that we have enjoyed lately. Where do stories come from? How are books made? What were the first children’s books likes? These 3 books have the answers.

First up, Balderdash!: John Newbery and the Boisterous Birth of Children’s Books, by Michelle Markel, with illustrations by Nancy Carpenter.

This takes you back to the 18th century when books for kids weren’t really a thing, and introduces you to John Newbery who changed the whole scene. Ever heard of the Newbery Medal for distinguished children’s books? Yep. Named after the same guy.

Next, we got How This Book Was Made, written by Mac Barnett, and illustrated by Adam Rex.

Sure, we all know the basics of how books are created. An author writes a story. An illustrator draws some pictures. But then what?

This book will take you through the whole process — with lots of funny asides, and adventurous distractions. Lots of humor in both the writing and the illustrations. It’s a happy, silly, interesting book.

And last but not least, I Am a Story, written and illustrated by the acclaimed Dan Yaccarino.
This tale is told from the story’s point of view.”I am a story. I was told around a campfire, then painted on cave walls. I was carved onto clay tablets and told in pictures.”

Stories have always been around, and shared in different ways — from cave paintings to the books we hold in our hands. This book helps us understand that the stories we share our profound and important.

Three great books that would make for really interesting discussions with your kids.

How about you? Anything books you and your kids have loved lately? What have you picked up from the library over the summer?

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