Design Mom gift guide boards

By Gabrielle.

Hello, Friends. Happy Black Friday! I’ll be honest, I’m not actually braving the crowds today, opting instead to turn on the Christmas music and re-organize our kitchen. But that doesn’t mean gift lists aren’t on my mind. Oh contraire! Oscar and Betty have brought me at least a dozen letters to Santa this morning. Each new draft is revised, edited and updated, with instructions to discard the old version. They know that at our house Santa only brings something to wear, something to play with, and something to read (more on that here), so they want to get the letter just right. : )

Speaking of gifts and lists, I’m trying something new this year. I’m using Pinterest to create my 2013 Gift Guides. And it’s been so much fun! I love it, because there’s no limit to how many gifts I can pin — I keep adding to the boards whenever I see a good idea. Of course, I’ll still be featuring fun products and hosting some extra giveaways here on the blog between now and Christmas, but if you want to find a whole bunch of good gift ideas in one spot, feel free to follow along on Pinterest!

So far, I’ve created 5 boards:

1) Gifts for Friends You Really Like.
Pretty products and thoughtful gifts for your best friend, your sister, or your Mom. At lots of price ranges.

2) Gifts for Kids.
Featuring lots of the interesting toys and products I’m eyeing for my own kids this year. Some to make and some to buy. I’ll be adding to this one right away — as soon as those letter’s to Santa are finalized. : )

3) Gifts for the Men in Your Life.
So far, this board has the least pins, but I’ll be beefing it up as the shopping season continues. Lots of the picks here work for my teens as well.

4) Gifts that Kids Can Really Make.
This is a really happy board. We have a long-standing tradition of our children making gifts for each other, and so far this board has approximately 50 (and counting!) ideas for DIYs that kids can really do.

5) Gifts That Make the World Better.
I may be happiest with this board — Pinterest is even featuring it as part of their official Gift Guides. So cool! And it’s full of feel-good gift ideas. Gifts that give back. I really hope you’ll take a peek.

petit collage board

To spice things up, I’m also working with Petit Collage on a really fun Pinterest contest! I curated a board of my favorite Petit Collage gifts here. Check it out and repin your favorites. Anyone who repins is automatically entered to win a generous $150 gift certificate to Petit Collage!! It’s really that easy. Find the board I curated here and repin to win. (More details here.) Good luck!

Of course, I’d love your feedback. Are you using Pinterest to gather gift ideas this year? Or to prevent inspiration-overload, are you steering clear of Pinterest this month?