Ask-Design-Mom Question:

It is my husband’s 40th birthday soon. I’d like to get him a watch — a really nice “fortieth birthday worthy” one that we can have engraved on the back. Something classy & simple, without all the extra gadgets that some have. (I’m guessing that anyone who actually has to chart an ocean voyage — won’t do it with their watch.) Here’s what he’d like in a watch, if that helps.
• Steel or titanium band (or black leather, but something more durable is better.)
• Perpetual motion (or a REALLY long life battery)
• It doesn’t need to have a date, but if it does it needs to stay accurate (his last one didn’t.)
• He has looked at and likes some of the Brietling watches.
Any suggestions? Tania.

Design Mom Answer:
Oh Tania. How great is this question! I love the idea of picking out a really nice watch for my husband, so I’m just going live vicariously through you for a moment. Since luxe watches are kind of a wide field, I’m going to stick with Breitlings. I’m also assuming Brietlings will have the technical qualities you’re looking for, so (lucky me) I’m going to focus on how they look.

My favorite Breitling models are (not in any particular order):

Windrider: Chronomat Evolution

Professional: Sky Racer (love the little red arrow!)

Aeromarine: Chrono Avenger
The Aeromarine line has the simplest faces and less “not-likely-to-use-features” of the 4 Breitling lines.

Aeromarine: Avenger Seawolf
This is the simplest Breitling face. Very classic. But alas — I prefer a non-leather band.

Aeromarine: Superocean
I love the typestyle on this model, and I’m way digging the blue — a little funky and cool, but still conservative — plus, I like the name. Yeah. This is one is my favorite.

Aeromarine: Superocean Steelfish
I think a full prefer numbers to dots, but this is still gorgeous.

Dear Design Mom Readers, if you were picking out the perfect watch for your husband — pretend money isn’t a factor for a moment, and just pick the ideal — what would it be?

balloon pic from Getty Images