A few Holiday Highlights so I don’t forget:

1) A live goldfish being swallowed whole at the Christmas Recital.

2) A Nutcracker Play on Christmas Eve by the Blair and Stanley kids.
It was written, cast and costumed days before the big event. And the whole thing was staged and practiced a dozen times on Christmas Eve. Then performed flawlessly and without any dialogue. I’ve come to expect a play any time the Blair and Stanley kids are together, but I think this was their best performance yet.

3) Kid’s opening the presents they’d made for each other.
Neither Ralph nor Maude knew the other had made a hat and mitten set. Both were equally amazed and delighted. And even though Maude had made a set for Ralph said, “Wow, Ralph! How did you make them?”

4) Walking at Rockwood Hall on Christmas Day.
Rockwood Hall is a walking park along the Hudson River. If you ever took an Art History class that discussed the Hudson River School, being at Rockwood Hall will make you think of those paintings. The light is exactly the same. Rockwood Hall is the name of a Rockefeller Estate that was once on the property. The buildings are gone now, but some of the grounds remain and it is peaceful and wonderful and really easy to imagine a horse-drawn carriage approaching on one of the cobblestone paths.

The picture above, taken by the talented Jeff Taylor, is Ralph and Maude at Rockwood Hall — sporting their new hats and mittens.