How great is this idea (that I heard about at our ultrasound on Friday)?

Every year, Kim (the ultrasound technician) and her husband and two kids, spend a night camping out under their Christmas tree. She said it typically happens early-to-mid December — the night the tree goes up. Extra fun: while the kids take their nightly bath, Santa leaves new holiday pj’s on their bed with a short note (Sleep tight! love, Santa)

I am so in love with this tradition. It’s the exact sort of thing that makes Christmas magical. You just know if you managed this even a few years in a row it would be THE thing your kids remember about the holidays — how the whole family slept under the twinkly Christmas lights and Santa came early to leave some cozy pajamas. So great! I’m saving this idea for next year.

What about you Dear Readers? Any favorite traditions that your kids especially adore?

image from SMN’s flickr stream