Confession: we have broken a few glasses since we moved in. (Confession #2: few = more than a few.) The Duralex tumblers have fared the worst, because we use them the most. They are just the right size for little hands, so the kids always reach for them. And I gravitate to them because they’re so classic and French — they just seem like exactly the right sort of glasses for La Cressonnière. Happily, they’re reasonably priced, so I ordered a dozen to fill in the blanks.

Since Duralex is sold in the States too, I’m thinking I might have to pick some up when we move home. Wouldn’t they make a sweet little daily reminder of our time here?

P.S. — What is it about French glass? I just realized my favorite glass baby bottles are made in France too. And speaking of baby, guess who is growing up? Baby June is 18 months today!