12 Modern Rocking Chairs (Affordable too!)

A decade ago, my friend Sara Stratford wrote up her thoughts on gliders versus rocking chairs and shared them here. I was re-reading the post and found it still totally relevant, with one exception: the links and chairs she added to the post are no longer available. So I thought I’d resurrect the discussion and include 12 gorgeous options that you can find right this minute. Several are super affordable, and all but 2 are on Amazon.

Here’s what Sara wrote:

Seven years ago, when my daughter was born, my mom came out to help take care of her. My husband Travis and I had only been in our apartment for a month, and had failed to buy a crib, dresser, or the all-important rocking chair. Truth be told, we weren’t that excited about buying a rocker. But our infant was less than a week old, and we were exhausted. We had left her home with Nana on an adventure to Buy Buy Baby, and after picking out the crib and dresser, found ourselves each in a glider with matching ottoman. After lulling ourselves into a stupor (I think this took all of 2 seconds), he looked over at me and said, “Well, they aren’t very cool looking but they sure are comfortable.” Nana had been pushing hard for a rocking chair, so we broke down and bought one.

We lugged that thing with us to Brooklyn, and found a spot for it in our 500 square foot apartment. Then it came with us to our next apartment. I used it less and less, and then one day a tear in the seat cushion began sprouting stuffing. I started looking at replacing the cushions; imagine my horror when I found out new cushions could cost up to 400 bucks! Even the cheapest set of cushions were around $200. We decided instead to give it to a friend who had a new baby (and was crafty enough to sew new cushion covers) and used our money instead to purchase a train table. It nicely filled the spot where the rocker had lived, and I never looked back.

Fast forward several years and the arrival of baby #3 is imminent. Nana is insisting on a rocking chair, but now I find the idea of a classic glider appalling. What has happened to me? Every rocker I look at makes me want to run out of the room screaming. Why can’t they make these chairs better looking?

I’ve found a few that I think could work. But I’d really love some input from the rest of you… hopefully there is a perfect rocking chair that will merge form and function enough to please both my mom and I. 


Thank you, Sara!

Okay, Design Mom Readers. What are your thoughts? Are you team glider or team rocker? Or do you avoid them both. As for me, I could never quite fall-in-love with the look of the gliders, but I did keep a sweet traditional wooden rocker in the nursery through all my babies. And when we lived in Colorado, one of my favorite projects was gathering used tag sale rockers (one for each member of the family), and painting them in rainbow colors for our backyard patio that opened onto green space. So I would definitely say I fall on team rocker. How about you?

Oh! And here are links to the gorgeous rockers pictured at the top:

1. Design Tree Home Acapulco Rocking Chair – It’s under $200, totally distinctive, and can be used indoors or outdoors.
2. Clear Eames Style Rocking Chair – This classic design is available in tons of solid colors, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen it in clear acrylic. It’s like a ghost chair and Eames rocker had a baby. Very affordable — solid colors are around $50, and the clear option is about $100.
3. Baxton Studio Agatha Rocking Chair – Traditional tufting, mid-century modern lines, thick cushions. This could make a good compromise chair if you and your partner have different design styles.
4. Safavieh Bali Rocking Chair – I love the look of this chair. It’s classic and would look good in all sorts of homes. It comes in a darker brown too, but this bleached look is calling my name.

5. Idea Nuova Modern Rocking Chair in Pink – A sleek, modern, very minimal option. The pink provides a fun burst of color, and it’s only about 50 bucks.
6. Bakersfield Rocking Chair – One of the pricier options on our list today. But those stripes are irresistible, and it’s from Land of Nod, so you know it’s quality.
7. Classic Porch Rocker in Green, (similar design available in many colors) – This might be my all-time favorite of the classic rocking chair designs. It’s something about those straight lines at the back. And hey, the price is right too — $136.
8. Safavieh Vernon Yellow Rocking Chair – The generous width of this one is really appealing. It’s another option that works indoors or outdoors.

9. Stilnovo Mid Century Patchwork Rocking Chair – An Eames style option with padded upholstery.
10. Neo Rocking Chair – Another option from Land of Nod. It looks comfy doesn’t it?
11. Safavieh Clayton Rocking Chair – It’s available in grey or brown. It’s $160. And the profile is fantastic.
12. Hand Woven Cane Back Rocker – This one is an Ikea design. I adore the squat look and the caning on the back. Find it in-store for $250.