laduree macaroonsphotos by Paul Ferney

When I was out shopping for food for the Easter Egg Hunt, my sister Jordan sent me an email that said, we’re leaving Paris in an hour and heading to your house, should I bring anything? So I asked her to stop at Ladurée on her way out of town and pick up macarons for the party.

A purchase from Ladurée, whatever the size, always feels like an event. So my brother-in-law Paul, took photos while we set out the cookies. They’re so pretty!

Have you ever had a Ladurée macaron? Do you have a favorite flavor? (I like caramel and vanilla.)

laduree macaroonsladuree macaroonsladuree macaroonsladuree macaroons

P.S. — More party posts coming. I’ll tell you about the invitations and show you where we hung the ribbon tomorrow.