100% Cotton Holiday Pajamas — in prints and stripes and plaids that will still look good after Christmas!

By Gabrielle.

I’m on the annual hunt for holiday pajamas! New pjs for the kids is one of our favorite Christmas Eve traditions. But sometimes I leave the shopping till the last minute, and then trying to find sizes for everyone is almost impossible, so whenever I can, I try to purchase them early — like by Thanksgiving — and then I keep them hidden until I can wrap them up and put them under the tree, sometime in mid-December.

As you already know, there are a TON of holiday pajama designs out there. Lots of really cute ones! Polar bears and snowflakes and ornaments and snowmen and Christmas trees. But that’s not what I’m looking for, so I skip most of what’s available. This is what I’m looking for instead: options that are 1) 100% cotton, 2) available in sizes that will fit all six of my kids, and 3) something that will look festive and holiday-ish, but will also look great after the holidays.

So basically, I’m looking for pajamas that you could pull on in April or September and they wouldn’t scream CHRISTMAS. This means I generally avoid red and green combos, or anything with winter-y symbols — though I’ve been known to make an exception here or there, because goodness gracious, this is not the most important decision in the world. : )

I started my hunt this week, and happily, I found lots of terrific options! I thought I’d share them here in case anyone else is shopping for pajamas too. This is what I’ve found so far:

1) Matching plaid flannel for the whole family from The Company Store. I like that they have options within their plaid —classic tops and bottoms, nightgowns, grown up sizes, teen versions that have lounge pants plus a waffle knit top, even matching pjs for the puppy! And I really like that the fabric is 100% cotton flannel (that’s actually hard to find these days — most of the flannels out there are polyester and they don’t age well as they wash). This was the source of last year’s pjs and they are still looking great! I also love that the colors in the plaid don’t scream Christmas, so they look good through the whole winter.

2) A new discovery this year: Burt’s Bees is offering organic pj sets. And they’re really cute! I like these candy cane striped pjs, and these in solid red with great button details, and these in a wide rugby stripe. The downside is these only go to size 7. So if you have older kids, you’re out of luck. The upside is that these will look great during the holidays, and afterwards too. Also, they’re fairly priced at under $20.

3) Hannah Andersson has tons of holiday prints in red & green, but I prefer their red and grey stripe, and their thermals in solid red, or solid green versions. Did I mention I prefer no Christmas branding?

4) I found these red & white striped pjs and they are much less expensive than Hannah’s and get great reviews (though I haven’t tried these personally). Available from size 12 months to 14 years and they’re under $20! Plus they’re tagless and 100% cotton. The same label offers a women’s version as well.

5) I also like this red and navy wide striped set. Again, 100% cotton. These are from the boys department at The Children’s Place, but I think they work well as a unisex option. The red feels holiday, but after the holiday the red + navy means they’ll just feel classic.

6) Or if you don’t like the unisex look, you could pair those red and navy pjs with this red sleep set from GapKids, it has tiny white polka dots and feminine detailing. Also 100% cotton.

7) I’m totally into these Grandfather style pjs from Cyrillus in France. We bought these in a similar plaid for all the kids three years ago. And then I added a little red grosgrain bow to the pocket for the girls. These pjs lasted for years! They are plaid but not flannel, and 100% cotton. The weight of the cotton is perfect — it worked all year long. And the best news: They finally ship to the U.S.! Which means, this is probably what I’ll order this year.

8) Last but not least, Union Suits are a fun option (depending on kids ages and preferences). Here’s a cute union suit by J.Crew. It’s available from size 2 through size 16 — and it’s 30% off right now! And here is a solid red union suit from Hannah Andersson.

Alright. Now it’s your turn. What have you found this year? Any other great options out there? And do you have a pajama tradition at your house? If yes, how do you like to manage it? Do you go for matching options? I know some families bring out the pjs in early December, and in other families, pjs are the preferred gift from Grandma and Grandpa. How does it work at your house?

P.S. — For this post, I focused on options that could fit multiple kids in one family. But if you’re shopping for a baby or toddler and don’t need older kid sizes, there are a ton more options out there!