The warm weather has arrived! Time to give you a gentle reminder to prep your summer bag and keep it by the door. We grabbed ours on Saturday, when we went took Betty (and the whole family) to her 5th grade pool party. Not sure what I mean by a Summer Bag? It’s a bag designated for outdoor activities — a straw tote I keep near my front door, pre-filled with a few basic essentials so we can just grab it and go. Having a Summer Bag waiting is one of my favorite time savers, and makes me feel like we’re ready for adventures at a moment’s notice.

If we have a whim to run to the beach, all I have to do is grab the bag and I know everything we need will be inside. I don’t have to spend any time searching and gathering around the house. I’ve been using the same bag since we lived in France and the handles are getting worn, so I’ve been thinking about replacing it. Here are a few cute options I’ve seen out and about:

1. This is probably my favorite. Waterproof, washable, firm structure, multiple sizes, and great color options.
2. Bonjour! Cute straw bucket tote.
3. Multi Color Straw bucket, too cute! Similar to this one by Rebecca Minkoff.
4. These colorful mesh stripes are a perfect combination.
5. Shiny silver is always fun in the sun.
6. Lime & Soda Eva bag is also an appealing option. Strong EVA bag made of foam rubber, with many different insert options.
7. Love this black & white plastic woven bag, Target FTW.
8. Stipe Mesh in a great size — on sale for only $7.
9. Tan & black sack style.
10. Large straw, self-standing, with pom poms.

Not sure what to put in the bag? I list 5 essentials here, and this is a slightly more expanded list: 1. Sunscreen, 2. Sunglasses, 3. Lip Balm, 4. Hair Ties, 5. Small First Aid kit (or a box of bandaids), 6. Non-perishable Snacks 7. Wipes, 8. Water-Bottle.

Do you keep a summer bag ready? Anything else you would recommend be added? And how long do your summer bags typically last? Do you have to replace them every year?


Credits: Graphic design and shopping assistance by Audrey Moore for Design Mom.