PMDD: When It’s More Than PMS

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with Lindsey (our resident food pro), and she mentioned she was dealing with PMDD. She also mentioned it’s way more common than you might think — it’s estimated that over five million women in the U.S. are dealing with it right now.

I wanted to learn more, so I asked Lindsey to share her experience, and everything she’s learned about PMDD so far. It’s a super informative post and I’m so grateful to Lindsey for taking the time to write this up. Here’s Lindsey:

One day awhile back, I was exasperated with everything, but especially my mental and physical health issues. I searched online for something akin to “symptoms that get better when period starts.” Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder, or PMDD, was the top result, and that search changed my life and definitely saved it too.

Come learn with me, and share your experiences too.

Living With Kids: Emily Richards

You’re going to love meeting Emily Richards and her family today. Because Emily’s husband speaks Spanish, they decided to move to Madrid with their three boys and give urban living a try. It’s so fascinating to hear Emily share the difference between their previous suburban life in Raleigh, North Carolina and their new life in the big city. And you’re going to love their bright and beautiful apartment too. Welcome, Emily!


Earth Day Conundrums

Happy Earth Day!

Do you watch The Good Place? It’s hilarious and entertaining but also takes deep dives into philosophical topics. In the most recent season, the characters discover that no one has qualified for the Good Place (a version of Heaven) in 521 years. Why? Because life on Earth has become so complicated, that even when humans intentionally make “good” decisions, those decisions often come with unintentional “bad” consequences.

I think about that a lot. Most recently this morning when I read an article about how sunscreen is causing damage to sea life — specifically coral. Sunscreen wasn’t really a thing when I was a kid. And then it was. Seemingly overnight there was a huge push to make sure everyone was using sunscreen. It became part of every conversation at pediatric well-visits. Using sunscreen — especially when talking about anyone supervising children — was what responsible adults who made “good” decisions did. It still is.

How long did it take us to figure out the unintentional negative consequences of our actions? And are there other negative consequences we haven’t discovered yet?

The same thought process goes though my head almost every time I read about Earth-day related topics. I want to make the “right” decisions, but it’s not always clear what’s actually helpful, versus what ends up just being performative. Some of my thoughts:

Come discuss Earth Day with me.

A Few Things & Happy Easter

Hello, Friends. How are you? To all those who celebrate today, Happy Easter! And to my Jewish friends, Happy Pesach!

Easter sure snuck up on me this year, and I’m not sure why, because when Easter happens at the end of April, I think it’s pretty ideal (especially compared to March Easters which always confuse me).

To celebrate, yesterday we joined an egg hunt with families from church. It was a bit chilly! But today is gorgeous. This morning, we started the day with brunch, then dyed eggs, and now we’re headed to church. We’ll have Easter dinner this evening, and I prepped a simple communal Easter basket for the kids — socks and candy for everybody.

In the mood for some weekend reading? Here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share:

Fifteen excellent links. Come see.

Communal Cars

Remember the broken-finger-tire-changing story I shared a few weeks ago? Well as I mentioned, the body of the car, a little Fiat 500e, was pried open in an attempt to free Olive’s finger. After I returned from Alt Summit, we filed a claim with our car insurance to have the bodywork repaired.

Though the car runs fine, the damage to the exterior was extensive enough that our insurance carrier determined it was a total loss. Which means we’ve had some car decisions to make. And oh my goodness I can not believe how much I dislike making car decisions. Choosing a car is a pain. Purchasing a car is a pain. Dealing with maintenance is a pain. Renting a car if yours is in the shop is a pain. Anything to do with the DMV is a pain. Getting rid of a car is a pain.

Come discuss the current state of car shopping and car ownership with me.



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