What to Wear to School: 2nd Grade and 6th Grade

Here it is! Your annual guide on What to Wear to School. This post features Betty Blair (6th grader, and new to middle school), and June Blair (2nd grader).

Fun fact: this post marks the first time in 13 years that we haven’t had at least 2 kids in elementary school. Hah!

Come see what Betty and June are wearing to school this year.

Eight outfits! Keep reading to see them all.

What to Wear to School: 7th Grade and 10th Grade

outfit ideas for middle school and high school

Ready for some fall 2017 What to Wear to School photos? Can you believe I’ve been posting this series every school year since 2006? If you’ve been reading Design Mom for awhile, you’ve basically seen my kids grow up right before your eyes!

Come see what Olive (10th grade) and Oscar (7th grade) are wearing to school this year.

Four Olive outfits and four Oscar outfits, straight ahead.

A Few Things

Hello, Friends. It’s official: Happy Fall!

How are you? Anything fun happen for you this week? Our big event centered around Oscar & Betty. Oscar was cast as Tiny Tim in an upcoming production of Scrooge, and Betty was cast as his sister Kathy. Very exciting! This weekend, I have a cool photoshoot, and I want to put some thought into the kids’ bedrooms — both are in need of an overhaul. How about you?

But first, I have a few things I’ve wanted to share with you:

14 FABULOUS links. Go see!

Facebook Live – Here’s What You Missed

I just realized there are some Facebook Live broadcasts I haven’t shared here. One from July, one from August, and a new one that was just broadcast today.

At first, my Facebook Live broadcasts were long-form — usually lasting about 40 minutes. But over the summer, I decided to try shorter videos, and tend to keep them about 10 minutes or less. I think I’m digging the shorter format. You too?

Today, I shared 3 Beauty Product/Toiletry Brands I’ve Been Super Curious About and Finally Tried:

Dr. Christopher’s
Black Ointment
Complete Tissue & Bone

Coconut Oil Whitening Mouthwash in Peppermint or Lemon
(My original post on oil pulling here.)

Beauty Pie
Micro-Mineral Serum Foundation
Smart Powder Blush
One Powder Wonder
Future Lipstick Matte in Hot Saucy
Future Lipstick Matte in Cowboy Nude

Find them all on their site.

Click for more videos!

Childhood Obsessions: What Are Your Kids Into?

Over the last year or two, my daughter Betty has developed a deep love of unicorns. A passion? An obsession? Not sure how to classify it, but she is WAY into them. Her heart skips a beat with every unicorn image she sees, and at the top of every wish list she makes (for holidays or birthdays) is a unicorn-something-or-other.

I saw Betty reading The Last Unicorn the other day, and it started me thinking about my other kids and their particular obsessions. It occurred to me that only some of my kids had really developed specific obsessions (at least so far), and that the same was true in the 8-kid house I grew up with. It doesn’t seem to be a universal thing, and it makes me wonder if it’s more of a personality type.

What is your kid obsessed with?



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