A Few Things

Hello, Friends. How are you? Did you have a good week? According to Facebook, it looks like my East Coast friends are (finally) enjoying their last day of school today. We’ve been out of school for a couple of weeks now, but our schedule has been so jam packed, that today is the first day where it finally feels like summer vacation. In fact, happening right now at our house: Oscar, Betty & June are having a lemonade stand. (Which reminds me: do you remember one of the very first Olive Us episodes? )And this weekend? We’re working on a little hideaway for the kids in the family room. Bring on summer!

Also, in case you missed my announcement, Alt Summit is happening at the end of February and tickets went on sale Wednesday. They sold out in 2 hours! Hah! Alt Summit has a history of selling out quickly, but I’m pretty sure this was the speediest time yet. It was quite the memorable week at our house.

I need to go check on my lemonade sellers, but before I go, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

I don’t want to brag, but these might be the best 13 links I’ve ever compiled.

Anthropologie SUMMER TAG SALE

The heat wave is still in full force. Who’s ready soak up the sun this weekend? Maybe hit the beach or the lake? If you need something summery to wear, here’s a head’s up that Anthropologie is having a 50% off sale on a whole lot of gorgeous warm weather dresses. I think #10 is my favorite. Or maybe #11. Which of these 12 picks do you like best?

1) Finley Wide-Leg Jumpsuit
2) Geo-Printed Dress
3) Deana Swing Dress
4) Libra Embroidered Tunic Dress
5) Amelia Crocheted Maxi Dress
6) Ombre Pleated Skirt
7) Electric Palma Mini Dress
8) Cashmere Fringe Tunic Dress
9) Abstraction Maxi Dress
10) Paradiso Swing Dress
11) Maceio Geo Midi Dress
12) Neoma Silk Maxi Dress

These are grouped in under $100 and under $200, but if you’ve seen any super bargains out there (say, under $50), I’d love to hear. Drop a link in the comments.


Credits: Graphic design + shopping assistance by Audrey Moore.

This Super Simple Project Instantly Improves Communication With Your Littlest Kids


What an amazing creative week this has been at our house. We just wrapped on a BIG shoot with Magnolia Journal. Plus, Alt Summit sold out in 2 hours yesterday! Last year it took 24 hours, so this was even faster than I expected. 

But I confess, I’ve been very homesick for Design Mom all week, and really happy to be back at my laptop this morning. The big post I’m working on is the Master Bath & Closet remodel (finally!). I will share it later today as soon as it’s done. But first, I came across this Design Mom post from a decade ago and wanted to share it here. Amy Turn Sharp (the social media poet we should all totally be obsessed with), wrote about a super easy project, called an Emotion Wheel, that she created with her son. And I think it’s so smart and so helpful for anyone trying to communicate with young children this summer.

Here’s what Amy says:

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Living With Kids: Barbara Haran

Have you ever done a remodel in your home and wondered how you were going to survive the mess and chaos of everything? Well today’s Home Tour family not only remodeled an old 1950’s Ranch House into a lovely light filled space, but they did the whole thing with a 1 year old under foot!

Meet Barbara and family. Their house is gorgeous and inspiring and full of light.

Every detail in this remodel was considered and you’re not going to want to miss any of them!

A Few Things

Hello, Friends! How are you? How was your week? We had a BIG one at our house. Things that happened since my last Friday post:

1) Maude graduated from high school.

2) Everyone had their last day of school, and started summer activities on Monday (like swimming lessons).

3) Oscar got to perform on stage with Roger Waters of Pink Floyd at the Oracle Arena (the same place the Warriors play — also, the Warriors won the championship!). You can see video below if you’re curious.

4) Maude was sprayed by a skunk, while she was in our driveway.

5) I went to Utah for a funeral. Just a 24-hour trip.

6) We’ve been doing some major projects in the house to get ready for a photo shoot next week. What’s the shoot? A team from Magnolia Journal (the lovely publication of Chip & Joanna Gaines) is coming to take photos of our house for a feature in the magazine.

7) The kids had a music recital — piano, voice and guitar. They were awesome.

8) We took the whole family to see Wonder Woman (it was my 3rd time!).

9) Oh. And I had my birthday. (Do you remember who I share it with?) There was so much going on, we couldn’t really celebrate that day, so we’re thinking we’ll postpone till next weekend instead.

10) On our mind this weekend? Father’s Day!

I think I need to do a Facebook Live broadcast to catch you up on the all the details. Till then, here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share:

Keep reading for 11 awesome links.



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