A Few Things

Hello, Friends. How are you? What a crazy week it’s been! We started the week with guests here to see Scrooge (which wrapped last Saturday night). Then I spent a few days in Palm Springs on a site visit for Altitude Summit. And then I arrived home to a jam-packed family schedule of December stuff.

Work travel is always tricky for me. I’m super productive while I’m away, but still come home woefully behind on work. It’s the constant struggle for my time between the two businesses I run, and I would love to get a better handle on it. I’m thinking that could be a focus for 2018 — possibly hiring a CEO to run one of the companies, or even selling one of them. Although both of those feel like incredibly intimidating options — I’ve never done either and don’t really know where to start. Hah!

How about you? How is your December coming along? Have you been able to take a minute to enjoy the holidays? Or is it just rush, rush, rushing along?

I’m off to tackle my inbox, but before I go, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

13 amazing links. Hand-picked by me. A little weekend gift to you.

How Do You Handle Extended Family Gifts?

How to tie a perfect bow.

We’ve talked about sibling gifts and Santa gifts and how many gifts is too many (see links below). Today, let’s shift the conversation a bit. Let’s talk about gift-giving with our extended family now that we’re all grown up. Do you rotate siblings? Draw names for cousins? Donate to charity in someone’s name? Do the grandparents organize it?
Do they participate? What works well for your family?

This is how my family handles it. I’m one of 8 siblings, and we have a rotation that we’ve been doing for over a decade. In fact, I think we might be pretty close to 2 decades now!

Keep reading. And share your traditions too!

Living With Kids: Hayley Pannekoecke

Ladies, have I got an amazing house for you this week! Hayley, her firefighter husband, and their three kids live on the coast of Australia just outside of Melbourne, in a house that is absolutely breathtaking. Bright light in every room, just like you would want a costal home to have, and the most gorgeous color palette — every picture I clicked on made me want to repaint my own home.

Welcome, Hayley!

So much color! Done in the BEST way. Come see.

The Very Best Gift Guide for the Smart, Interesting, Capable, Stylish, Talented Women You Love

how-to-wrap-a-package 10.1

This was maybe my favorite gift guide to put together. I kept picturing all the amazing women in my life as I chose each item. And gosh I’m lucky to know some truly outstanding ladies.

A couple of things to note: several products on this list are from companies that give back, and it always feels good knowing your purchase is positive in multiple ways. There are 13 items on the list that are priced at $25 or less, but I confess, I was a bit splurgey on a lot of the things here. : ) And just like with the men’s list, there are several items here that could appeal to anyone. In fact, I know Ben Blair would appreciate a bunch of these.

Ready to take a look?

35 Gift Ideas for all the smart, interesting women in your life! So many fun options. Come see.

A Few Things

DIY Oversize Woven Paper Baskets - Tree & Star Designs, with free printable template

Hello, December! Hello Friends! How are you? Ready to tackle the last month of the year?

We have a full weekend ahead of us. Today, mother-in-law and 2 brothers-in-law are flying into town. They are coming to see our kids in Scrooge. The last 3 performances are this weekend — tonight, and two shows tomorrow.  And we’re hosting a little hot cocoa bar at our house tomorrow between the matinee and the evening show. Which means today is errands and cleaning the house and making sure everything looks and feels festive. : )

We’re also planning to decorate the Christmas tree this weekend, which I’m very much looking forward to. How about you? What’s on your calendar?

I need to turn my attention to my house, but before I go, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share with you:

14 links. Is it my best list ever? Could be.



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