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Hello, Friends. How are you? How was your week? We had lots of fun things this happening this week. June’s pinewood derby car — shaped like the Eiffel Tower — was the third fastest of the night, and awarded the prize for “most ooh-la-la.” We had a sweet and simple Valentine’s Day breakfast for the kids yesterday morning. And last night, Attorney Olive Blair, argued her mock trial case for the last time.

How about you? Do you have a 3-day weekend ahead of you? Are you still in the middle of an intense winter? I’m looking forward to the weekend. I like working on email on Saturday or Sunday because my inbox stays quiet and it feels like I’m making progress. (When I tackle a lot of email during the week, people respond immediately — which is totally understandable — but I end up with more messages than I started with. Hah!) 

In the mood for some good weekend reading? Here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

Fourteen links for you to enjoy.

When Your Kids Sue You For Giving Birth To Them

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a very un-valentine-sy topic. Last week, a headline caught my eye: Indian man to sue parents for giving birth to him.

You might think it’s an Onion article, but it’s actually for real, reported by the BBC. And I knew it was real the moment I read the headline because I’ve definitely had similar thoughts. Not that I’ve ever thought of suing my parents, just that I’ve thought many times that it’s pretty dang unfair that we bring kids to Earth and they have no say in the matter — no say in where they are raised, how they are raised, who they are raised by. I mean life can be miserable, and I think there are a whole lot of people who probably wouldn’t have opted in if they’d had the choice.

I enjoyed the article and hope you read it. You may be surprised to hear that the man suing his parents actually has a great relationship with them. Here are a couple of excerpts:

Come discuss with me!

The Best Sugar Cookie Frosting Ever

The Best Sugar Cookie Frosting | DesignMom.com

The other day, Olive was reminiscing about the cookie parties we used to host for Valentine’s Day. We’d bake a whole bunch of sugar cookies, gather all the different sprinkles, make several colors of frosting, and invite friends over to decorate a plate of cookies they could take home and share with their family. Good, messy, creative, delicious fun.

But it’s been ages! It’s been ages since we’ve hosted a cookie party, and it’s even been ages since we made and frosted our own sugar cookies. But Lindsey swears she has a sugar cookie frosting recipe that will get us back on track.

Here’s what Lindsey says:

Lindsey’s food photos always make me hungry. Come see.

Living With Kids: Leisse Wilcox

As soon as I saw the photos of Leisse Wilcox’s beautiful home outside of Toronto, I knew we would all fall in love with it. Her home has that perfect collected feel. It feels entirely personal and unique but not cluttered or messy at all; just beautifully lived in. And it’s full of keepsakes that you just know have interesting stories behind them.

Then, when I got to know Leisse a bit better, I was further blown away. She’s a single mom, a writer, a life coach — and was recently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. This post is warm and honest and has great advice about loving yourself and being confident. I’m so excited for you read it. Welcome, Leisse!

Leisse has a really beautiful way of looking at life. You’re not going to want to miss anything she says!

Darcy Miller’s Celebrate Love Collection

Myncredibly talented friend, Darcy Miller, created a fabulous collection for Bloomingdales called Celebrate Love. She teamed up with big-name brands like Lenox and Levi’s and Sugarfina to create products featuring her signatures illustrations. The collection is SO GOOD. What a treat to see her charming drawings applied to denim jackets, candy boxes, stationery, china, and leather goods.

I’m sure you know Darcy’s work from her 25 years as the editor of Martha Stewart Weddings and her gorgeous book, Celebrate Everything. She’ll be returning to speaking at Alt Summit this year too!

Here are some of my favorites items in her collection (including the Prinkshop + Darcy Miller Hug It Out kids tee pictured at top):

You’ve got to see the little envelope wallet with an NYC postmark. So cute!



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