Walking the Powerful Woman Tightrope

I saw RBG the other night. Have you heard of it? It’s a documentary about the career of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I didn’t understand how emotional I would feel as I watched it, but I started crying at two minutes in, and was a ball of tears off and on throughout. I went into the movie not knowing much about her (outside of the Notorious RBG memes that have been popular the last few years), and loved learning how she carefully and systematically built a legal foundation for working toward women’s equality. Her career is really quite remarkable.

One of the things that struck me throughout the documentary was her appearance. I couldn’t shake the idea that every detail about the way she presented herself affected whether or not she would be listened to and taken seriously by her peers — who were essentially all men.

Let me explain what I mean. Keep reading.

Living With Kids: Sara Davis

Sara’s home is gorgeous and charming, curated and stylish. Best part? She’s a big DIYer and has done a lot of the work with her handy husband, Steve. They live in a little town outside of Indianapolis, and their home is full of traditional pieces with modern finishes, and gorgeous colors throughout. Sara is also an entrepreneur, a blogger and a former greeting card designer. Her positive attitude and her welcoming digs are going to make you want to pick out some DIY projects to tackle in your own home. Please say hello to Sara!

Every room is more beautiful than the one before. Keep reading to see more!

What Are Your Thoughts on a Female God?

Not to stress anyone out, but I’m hoping you’re up for a religious discussion today. (Amazing t-shirt here.)

I went to a poetry reading last night to mark the publication of a new book focused on poems about Heavenly Mother, and it got me curious about your thoughts. The book, by the way, is called Dove Song

A fun fact you may or may not know is that Heavenly Mother, a Goddess, spouse, partner and equal to God/Heavenly Father, is part of Mormon doctrine. In early Mormon history, Heavenly Mother was written about quite a bit, and then, in the 1900s, she mostly stopped being mentioned. By the 1970’s and the arrival of the equal rights movement, many Mormon women were angry that Heavenly Mother, a unique and important part of the doctrine, had been all but erased and forgotten. They started writing poems and essays about Her and attempted to bring Her back into Mormon religious discussions.

Though their efforts were diligent, Heavenly Mother didn’t make it back into Mormon Sunday School manuals or discussions in a big way. And as I grew up in the Mormon Church, I was taught She existed, but not much else. She was rarely if ever brought up.

In the last few years, as women in the Mormon Church have demanded more equality, another resurgence of writings about Heavenly Mother is happening. And I’m loving it.

As I was listening to the poems last night, I was struck that they didn’t sound particularly Mormon to me — I wasn’t hearing typical Mormon lingo. Instead, they just sounded really feminist to me. And I thought they would appeal to anyone who craves a more feminine deity. Here are a couple of examples:

Keep reading for my own thoughts on a female God.

I Thought I Didn’t Care About the Royal Wedding

I admit, I totally forgot about the royal wedding. I made my Friday link list and didn’t even mention it. It just hasn’t really been on my radar. And it’s not that I have strong opinions against the Royals — I just don’t really follow them. I like to have a general pop-culture awareness of what’s going on (Kate just had baby number 3, right?), but that’s usually enough for me. Also, don’t laugh, but I’ve been a loyal viewer of Suits since the beginning and I was selfishly sad to know Meghan Markle’s character was leaving the show. : )

Which means I was totally caught off guard by the wedding coverage of Meghan and Harry over the weekend. I LOVED it. I’m still a little amazed at how much joy it brought me. And I didn’t even watch the wedding! I just read reports on social media and saw snippets of footage on Twitter. I ate the whole thing right up. And I kept sharing updates with Ben Blair.

Obviously, I’m not the only one. People really seemed to love the entire event. In fact, there were several think pieces about the wedding that were published over the weekend helping us wrap our heads around why it was so delightful. I haven’t had a chance to read them yet, but I can tell you easily my top 3 favorite things about the wedding:

I want to hear your favorite parts too!

A Few Things

Hi, Friends. The first headline I saw after we got the kids off to school was about the Santa Fe High School shooting. At least 10 dead.

I don’t know what your reaction was when you heard the news, but I noticed my emotions bypassed sadness and heartbreak and went straight to fury. I’m so angry. I don’t really have anything new to say on the subject. You can read a calm discussion on the topic of gun safety here. You can read an angry discussion on the topic of gun safety here.

I’m thinking of the high school students in Texas today. I hope they’ll add their voices and energy to the efforts started by the teens in Florida. Efforts that are supported by teenagers and their families across the country. I hope as a country we’ll listen to our children and demand our politicians do right by them. I pray we’ll learn to value our children’s lives more than our guns.

Need a distraction? Here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share with you:

Thirteen links just for you.



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