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Hello, Friends! How was your week? We’ve had a good one. It felt very holiday to me. Concerts, parties, gift shopping — and yesterday we had our family photo shoot. The first one in over two years! I saw the photos this morning and they are STUNNING. I can’t wait to share them with you. I’m planning a post for Monday. And I also get to order our Christmas cards now. I know we’re tight on time, so maybe I’ll make them New Year’s Cards. : ) Also yesterday, Ben Blair and I went to a secret dance party. I have not been dancing in quite a while and had such a fantastic time.

This weekend, Oscar is headed to a birthday party, Betty has a clarinet recital, Olive is attending a performance of the Nutcracker with her friends (any excuse to dress up!), we have two more Christmas parties, Ben is headed to Utah for our niece’s wedding, and while he’s there, he’ll also get to celebrate my wonderful Mother-in-law’s birthday with his siblings. Doesn’t that sounds like a festive snapshot of any two days in December? Hah!

How about you? How are you feeling about the holidays? Have you reached a saturation point yet? Or are you still enjoying Christmas songs, and scenting your house with cinnamon? While you think about your holiday-status, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

Thirteen links, just for you.

Add-on Gifts: Yea or Nay?

Is there someone in your life who is hard to shop for? Or are YOU hard to shop for? I’ve been thinking about that this month. Despite the joy I get in creating Gift Guides, I would say gifts are not my love language — either giving or receiving. And sometimes during December, I end up feeling like I’m buying a gift just so I can mark it off my list, instead of choosing something really thoughtful.

So I adore when people make it easy to gift to them. I love registries and I love wishlists. I love Pinterest boards labeled “coveting now.” I love when I have a solid sense of what someone wants so that I know the gift I’m giving is wanted, and won’t be a burden.

Click here to read more and discuss. I want to hear your thoughts!

Living With Kids: Jane Cross

I am so excited to introduce you to Jane Cross and her family. Jane, her husband, and her kids, live in Asheville, North Carolina. Jane is educated as a nurse, but recently switched tracks to work with her husband in education, when she saw a need and didn’t see anyone else to fill it. Jane also has an adopted son from Ethiopia and speaks really honestly and openly about the challenges of raising a black son in a white family in the south.

You are going to come out of this home tour smarter because of all of the great things Jane has to say. Welcome, Jane!

Keep reading!

Logitech Crayon Review

This post is sponsored by Logitech. Introducing the new Logitech Crayon!


Stumped on what to gift your big kids? Well, this could be the answer. It’s awesome tech. It’s creative. Plus, it’s a great price. It’s the Logitech Crayon. And my whole family is super into it.


Why we like it:

– It uses Apple Pencil technology and but it’s designed for classrooms, and priced accordingly at $69. It works with any 6th generation iPad, and there’s no lag time or delays when you use it.

– It charges super fast — 90 seconds of charging will get you 30 minutes of use. Or you can charge it fully in about an hour. And the full charge lasts up to 7 hours!

More on what we love about it. Plus, come see what my kids have been drawing!

My Favorite Nativity Set

Have I told you about our Fontanini Nativity Set. I’m a big Fontanini fan. Have you heard of it? Fontanini figures have been designed and handmade in Italy for 110 years. They’re sophisticated looking and beautifully hand-painted, but they’re made of resin and totally kid-friendly.

They look like they could be fancy, but I don’t mind a bit when little ones play with them — and holy moly little kids are drawn to them. They’re fairly irresistible. (Especially Baby Jesus who begs to be lifted out of his manger and wrapped in their favorite blankie.)

Come read about the interesting history. And tell me about your Nativity set!



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