Facebook Live – Here’s What You Missed

I just realized there are some Facebook Live broadcasts I haven’t shared here. One from July, one from August, and a new one that was just broadcast today.

At first, my Facebook Live broadcasts were long-form — usually lasting about 40 minutes. But over the summer, I decided to try shorter videos, and tend to keep them about 10 minutes or less. I think I’m digging the shorter format. You too?

In July, I shared 3 Things I Bought Online This Week That Made My Life Better:

A Silk Nightgown — I’m obsessed with this. And I wear it with pearls. I think it’s my new thing. My pattern is called Peonies. Also, here’s a super affordable $12.99 version. (Tip — Do an Amazon search for “silk nightgown batwing” and there are a ton.)

Toilet Seat (elongated). I should have replaced ours years ago. Best dollars spent in ages.

Rainbow Party Supplies for my stash. From the amazing Oh Happy Day Party Shop.

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Childhood Obsessions: What Are Your Kids Into?

Over the last year or two, my daughter Betty has developed a deep love of unicorns. A passion? An obsession? Not sure how to classify it, but she is WAY into them. Her heart skips a beat with every unicorn image she sees, and at the top of every wish list she makes (for holidays or birthdays) is a unicorn-something-or-other.

I saw Betty reading The Last Unicorn the other day, and it started me thinking about my other kids and their particular obsessions. It occurred to me that only some of my kids had really developed specific obsessions (at least so far), and that the same was true in the 8-kid house I grew up with. It doesn’t seem to be a universal thing, and it makes me wonder if it’s more of a personality type.

What is your kid obsessed with?

Dessert For Two: Peach Shortcakes

Peach Shortcakes For Two

Summer’s end is bittersweet. The plethora of fruits and veggies filling the farmer’s markets and produce shelves seems to make up for the shorter days and cooler nights that lead into fall. The changing leaves help too.

I live just on the edge of town where in just a few short miles I leave suburbia for rural streets lined with orchards and fields. The branches are heavy with apples, pears, and stone fruits. The corn stalks go from green to dry. The watermelon patches become empty and the pumpkin patches seemingly transform from rows of all-green leafy vines to ripening bright orange globes peaking out from under the greenery. I love this time of year! I feel more in the mood to bake pies and things like these Peach Shortcakes for Two.

Peach Shortcakes For Two

Now the “dessert for two” part is easy to remedy if you’re looking for a delicious recipe for more than two. But it’s also just right for when you feel like baking up something special. Sometimes I think making less of something makes you appreciate and enjoy it more.

Find the full recipe and tips when you click through.

Let’s Circle Round and Listen to this New Podcast for Kids

I’m betting that if I ask for your favorite podcasts, you can rattle off a list easily. A good podcast is such a treat — something to engage your thoughts in a constructive or creative way while you power through your workout, or scrub the bathtub, or wait in line at school pickup. But did you know there are podcasts created especially for kids? It’s true! And WBUR (Boston’s NPR station), has just introduced a new one for those in the 4-10 age range, called Circle Round. It’s focused on story telling and features folk tales from all over the world.

Starting today, new episodes will air on Tuesdays at 3pm — and the pilot features Jason Alexander (George from Seinfeld!). You can go listen right now! Download or subscribe to Circle Round on iTunes, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast app so you don’t miss a week.

Friends, Circle Round is so well done! The voice talent includes a long list of some of today’s most exciting theater, film and TV actors you already love — like Jason Alexander (mentioned above), Kathryn Hahn, Lou Diamond Phillips, Jon Cryer, and Sela Ward. The stories provide global perspectives, with voices representing cultures from around the world — Romania, the Philippines, Uzbekistan, Greece, Nigeria and the United Kingdom. They cover diverse and accessible topics like kindness, persistence, and generosity. And each episode includes prompts for discussion, plus lots of food for thought.

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Living With Kids: Lora Fanning

I think we all have moments as parents where we need to get away from all the noise and the chaos of raising kids. I have literally crawled under my bed with the dog (more than once) when I needed to take a break. Well, todays Living With Kids family offers such a great perspective on that. Meet Lora, her husband Andrew — and their 7 kids! Not only do Lora and her husband homeschool, but they both also work from home, which means there are a lot of people in the house all the time. Lora has some great perspective and wise words to offer on raising a big family, managing a house, and taking time for yourself.

You’re not going to want to miss the wise words or Lora’s charming house. Read on!



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