A Little News

A little news: Next week we are moving back to France! No, for real. We are.

I have lots to tell you and I’m working on a longer blog post about it now. But here are a few initial notes:

1) We’re headed to the same town in the Normandy region we lived in before (same school too). We’re planning for one year and then we’ll evaluate if we want to extend our stay — which is what we ended up doing last time.

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Living With Kids: Thea Rattner-Pietig

Today’s home tour features Thea, a mom of 2 living in Connecticut. Thea’s story is a reminder that life doesn’t always work out the way we expect it to, but may work out the way it should. It reads a little bit like a romantic comedy — Thea’s best friend’s little brother, who she teased as a kid, and then dated for a bit in her early 20s, is the person she ended up with after her first marriage ended. Thea’s home is classic and elegant, and feels so livable. You’re really going to love it. Welcome, Thea!


A Few Things

Hello, Friends. How are you? It was a fun education-focused week at the Blair House. Monday was the first day of school in Oakland, Ralph registered for classes for this semester — they start this coming Monday. And Maude arrives home from New York this evening. Her classes start Monday after next. (That’s Olive above, pictured on her first day of Senior Year — she gets to attend high school for two weeks before she heads to the South of France where she’ll be an Au Pair this year.)

This weekend, our big event is Oscar’s Eagle Project. He’s building a Little Free Library that will live near his middle school, and he has recruited members of his troop, and other friends and carpentry-tool-owning grownups to help. : ) We’ll also be helping Maude go through her things, so she can move into her near-campus apartment next week.

How about you? Has back to school season hit yet? Or are you still enjoying summer break? Either way, I’ve got some terrific links for you this weekend. Here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

Sixteen links just for you.

What Were You Almost Named As A Baby?

Last week, someone on Twitter posed the question: What were you almost named as a baby? It got me reminiscing. Both Ben Blair and I had almost-names as babies. I was almost named Shoshana — in fact, I swear there’s some document in my baby book that lists the name Shoshana, written before my parents settled on Gabrielle. (I should go find my baby book and remember what it is! Also, I know it’s not a baby picture, but that’s me above. I think I’m age 3 or 4 in this image.)

Here are the names of me and my siblings: Jake, Rachel, Sara, Joshua, Gabrielle, Jared, Jordan, Salem. Do you think Shoshana would be a better fit in that grouping?

Do you have an almost name? Do your kids?

Living With Kids: Ann Farnsworth

Note from Design Mom: This is a home tour from October 2015 that you may have missed. It’s full of wisdom on parenting and aging and loss. I needed a dose of Ann’s perspective today, so I’m republishing it.

Ann is so great. I read her words, and they fill me with such warmth. I love when people have dreams and add them to their daily to-do lists.

If you’re a young parent or just dreaming about kids, I hope you find Ann’s words to be a sort of manual. (I don’t want to spoil the ending, but it’s all going to work out as it should. And you’re going to be great at this.) If you’ve been parenting a while or even grand-parenting, you’re going to love this, too. Ann’s words are like a giant hug and a pinch of inspiration.

Please jump right in to hear about this big family and how their well-worn house helped grow them all. Welcome, Ann!

Lots of kids and LOTS of wisdom, just ahead!



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