Our Favorite Source for Out of the Ordinary Pop Culture Tees

Out of the Ordinary Pop Culture Tees! Here's the BEST Source.

This post is sponsored by AllPosters.com — this school year, be #savagenotaverage.

School is starting soon, and I know many of us are helping our kids find something awesome to wear this year — something that will help them feel confident or clever or punk rock or silly or whatever it is our particular kids want to feel. To me, a new school year means a fresh start and a clean slate. And as parents, Ben Blair and I really emphasize that idea to our kids as we prep and shop for school.

Out of the Ordinary Pop Culture Tees! Here's the BEST Source.Out of the Ordinary Pop Culture Tees! Here's the BEST Source.

We talk about how we can always reinvent ourselves, and how simple changes — in clothing, activities or attitude — can help you feel like a whole new person. Which means if you don’t like the reputation you have, or don’t feel your true personality is shining through, then you get to switch things up anytime you like. You can take chances, express yourself, surprise people, and be bold doing it.

Out of the Ordinary Pop Culture Tees! Here's the BEST Source.

And I’m happy to report I have an awesome new-to-me source that can help with those personal reinventions: AllPosters.com. Our whole family is kind of obsessed with this place. It is THE source for really cool, out of the ordinary pop culture tees.

Out of the Ordinary Pop Culture Tees! Here's the BEST Source.

AllPosters is running a really terrific campaign for back to school season that I’m betting will resonate with kids and parents everywhere. They want students to feel inspired to be unapologetically unique this year, to show the world just how unusually awesome they are, and to be #savagenotaverage.

Out of the Ordinary Pop Culture Tees! Here's the BEST Source.

Come see what we found!

So many cool tees! And really cool wall hangings too.

Living With Kids: Victoria Hudgins

You guys!! This house is such a show stopper. Nothing gets my interior design heart going pitter-patter more than people who aren’t afraid to make bold choices and really make their home personal and show off their style. If you feel the same way you’ll be swooning over Victoria’s house in Reno, Nevada. I mean, there is a pink fireplace (which I have already copied in my own home!). Not only that, Victoria and her husband did this whole renovation with kids underfoot. They even let them help!

Come say hello to Victoria.

So many gorgeous moments up ahead. Keep reading!

Freshman Dorm Packing List Essentials

Big day today! Maude is moving into the dorms at Berkeley. (Whaaat???!!)

It feels like a big deal, but I also know it’s way less-stressful than it would if she was moving far away. We’re actually packing fairly “light” — there are about 15 things on the recommended packing list that we aren’t bringing. Maude figures she’ll take some time to assess what she really needs, and then we can drop off anything else to her next week. Her dorms are just a 10 min drive away.

Want to know what Maude’s bringing? We made a little video with some show-and-tell. Here are the sources:

Full packing list plus links!

A Few Things

Hello, Friends! How are you? Was it a good week? We have some exciting things happening at our house. Work wise, I was so pleased to finally send off the first Design Mom newsletter on Tuesday. If you missed it, you can see the first one here, and subscribe here. This weekend, we have some friends coming to stay. And on Monday, our daughter Maude moves into the Berkeley dorms! 

It’s been super fun choosing a few things for her dorm, though we are for sure holding back quite a bit. Because she’s just going to be across town, there’s less pressure about the move in. We’re taking care of the basics, and then she’ll stay there a few days and come up with a list of anything else she needs. After having her away in Paris all last year, I can’t tell you how delighted I am that she’ll be living just a few minutes away. : )

I’m going to get back to dorm errands, but before I go, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

13 links just for you. And they’re so good.

It’s National S’mores Day!

Someone had their thinking cap on when they declared August 10th to be National S’mores Day. It really does feel like the perfect time to make s’mores — a fun and easy activity that we can all pull off before school starts. To help you celebrate, here are some helpful resources from the archives:

1- Euro S’mores

When we lived in France, and didn’t have access to graham crackers, we would use what we had to make a variation we called Euro S’mores whenever a homesick craving hit us. If possible, these are even more decadent than the American version.

Lots of yum ahead. Keep reading.



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