St. Martin House: Bathroom Floorplans

We’re finalizing the floorplans for two bathrooms — the kids’ bathroom and the owner’s-suite bathroom — so we can communicate the plans to the plumber. I thought we were pretty settled on both, but I spent some time over at the new house and ended up making some changes to one of the floorplans.

Here’s the floorplan for the kids’ bathroom:

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Living With Kids: Ana Bianchi

Once upon a time Ana Bianchi shared her home tour when she lived in New York. Since then, she and her family (her husband, her daughter, and her pug) have moved to Walnut Creek, California and live in a beautiful house with an even more beautiful garden. It seems like the perfect place to spend quarantine, and Ana is grateful for all the work she and her family have put into the space to make it what it is now. You’ll love poking around and seeing all the lovely art on the walls, and the way Ana makes you feel totally at home. Welcome, Ana!


A Few Things

Hello Friends. How are you? Have you settled into quarantine life yet? Found a schedule or some consistency that’s working for you?

I’m sure worried about you. I know some of you live in tiny spaces and are feeling trapped. I know some of you have very young kids and nowhere for them to get out their excess energy (and no break for you from childcare!). I know some of you are lonely. I know some of you are worried about paying for food and bills and not sure where to get help. I know some of you have essential jobs and are still heading into work everyday so that the rest of us can remain safely home. I know pretty much everyone is living with an unusual level of stress. I know this is hard.

One of the hardest parts is not being able to see the end. We don’t know how long it will be until our kids can go to school, until we can return to our work places, until we can resume errands and meetings. It makes it really difficult to manage expectations. We got an email yesterday from our school saying that the earliest we would go back is May 4th (but that’s not guaranteed at all).

How about you? How are you holding up? Have you been able to find any silver-linings? Are you remembering to take your meds? Finding new ways to cope? This week I started randomly facetiming long-time friends that I don’t get a chance to talk to very often. Not everyone picks up (and I know not everyone recognizes my +33 French number), but when they do it’s delightful. : )

Ready for some weekend links? Here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share:

29 links this week. Come see.

(Social) Distance Learning

How about a piece of good news today? Some of you know I run a conference called Alt Summit. Something you might not know is that the Alt Summit Community is largely made up of small businesses and freelancers, and boy oh boy so many in our community are struggling right now.

Alt Summit’s biggest strengths are Community and Content, so my Alt team focused on those as we figured out a way we could help:

Free video classes! Keep reading for the links.

St. Martin House: Choosing a Bathroom Style

Here’s something design-y to distract us from the news. One of the projects I’ve been tackling during our self-quarantine is designing the bathrooms for the St. Martin House. If you saw the original home tour on Instagram, you may remember there are are four floors, but only one bathroom.

It’s a traditional French bathroom, where the toilet is in its own little closet, and the neighboring room has a bathtub, sink, and bidet (pictured above). It’s on the second floor. During the renovation, we are planning to add more bathrooms.

I’ve narrowed it down to 3 different styles. Come see.



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