Living With Kids: Treehouse Tour

Something a little different for this week’s Living With Kids post. We sold our Oakland house. It’s really gone and I can hardly believe it. Would you indulge me while I share a goodbye tour of the Treehouse?

I admit, I’ve had to keep wiping my tears as I prepared this post. We loved this house so much — and our life in Oakland that the house represents — and it was really hard to leave. Come say farewell with me.

Gosh we really used every inch of the house and the yard. Come see.

Cleaning Out Six Years of Storage

Today was Veterans Day in the U.S. and WWI Armistice Day in France. The kids didn’t have school and we decided it would fun to go through all the stuff we stored at our cottage when we moved away six years ago.

Oh my. It was a mess! We knew this already because when we spent the summer in France three years ago, and checked in on our stuff, it had already been invaded by field mice. That summer, we didn’t have the time or energy to deal with it — so we ignored it.

But now, we have a rental house with an attic for storage (and we’re purchasing another house that also has an attic for storage). Both are more secure than our rustic little cottage, so I felt confident about tackling the project.

Come see what we found!

A Few Things

Hello friends. How are you? How was your week? Planning anything fun for the weekend? I hope we can keep it low-key at our house — my goal is to finish unpacking the office and setting up our bedroom. And if the weather is decent, I’d love to go out walking in the countryside with the kids. How about you?

I’ve got lots of good stuff this week, so I’m going to jump right in to the link list. Here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share with you:

17 links you’ll love. Come see.

Mushroom Hunting in the French Countryside

The first rule of hunting mushrooms in the French countryside? Don’t ask any of the other mushroom hunters where they hunt mushrooms. I’m joking of course, but sort-of not. Everyone has favorite spots they’ve discovered and it’s considered rude to ask.

But if they invite you to come along on the hunt? Then you’re good to go. Ben Blair and I were invited by our friends Mark and Richard and Dominique — and we jumped at the chance.

Come see what we found!

Living With Kids: Megan Malkin

One thing I love about taking a peek inside Megan’s house is that she included pictures from throughout the year. So in some we catch a glimpse of July 4th decor, and in others the space is dressed for the fall. (No matter what the season, her decor is lovely.)

Megan and her family (including 5 kids and lots of pets!) live a bit off the beaten path on some wide open (enviable) acres. And her home is filled with interesting pieces she curated and now sells in her own antique shop. I think you’ll love getting to look around. Welcome, Megan!

Come see her happy yellow front door!



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