Living With Kids: Meredith Coe

Today, Meredith Coe, of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, is sharing her home with us. Not only is her home incredibly charming and stylish, but Meredith really opens up about a second-trimester miscarriage she suffered during her first pregnancy. I am sure there are readers out there who have gone through something similar, or who have a friend or loved one who has. I hope that Meredith’s story might lend some light and perspective.

One of things I love the most about Living With Kids is getting to hear stories from all sorts of families. And I especially love when someone is brave enough to really be vulnerable and share tough things they’ve been through. Welcome, Meredith! 

You won’t want to miss her story. Keep reading.

Accountability & Transparency in Fashion

Consider the shirt or dress you’re wearing right now. If you had a way of knowing how much the person who made it was paid, would you want to know? If you had that kind of info up front, would it affect the way you shop? 

The fashion line ABLE believes that kind of information matters. So recently they launched a new initiative with the goal of bringing much needed transparency to the whole fashion industry. They’re calling the initiative ACCOUNTABLE. They describe it as “a social impact measurement platform designed to give customers a transparent look at our manufacturing partners. It focuses on equality, safety, and wages, with a particular emphasis on women in the workplace.”

The founder wrote a blog post announcing the new program and it’s really good. Here’s an excerpt:

If you have not seen the film True Cost on Netflix, DO, and learn the extraordinary abuses in the fashion world. Fashion is the largest industrial employer of women, but only 2% earn a living wage…. And what that means, and what I cannot shake, is that the people that make the things we enjoy and wear can’t even meet the basic needs of themselves or their children. That is unacceptable. It’s evil, actually.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Keep reading.

A Few Things

Apple Votive DIY

Hello, Friends. How are you? Did you have a good week? Are you watching the aftermath of Hurricane Michael? Or perhaps you’re directly affected? The images of the destruction show unfathomable devastation. I’m sick about it. And I read that there are at least 1 million customers without electricity. Here’s how to help.

Any plans for the weekend? I’ve got a couple of photo shoots I’ll be preparing for — both involve some house projects, so that should keep us busy. We’re also thinking about Halloween costumes and figuring out what sort of supplies we’ll need.

The midterm election is on my mind. Did you see what’s happening in Georgia? I remember talking to Ben Blair right after Trump was elected about how I was convinced that with time we’d come to find out his election was illegitimate, and that serious corruption was involved (I realize I’m not the only one to conclude this). And of course, that is indeed what we have found out, and what we are still finding out. I remember Trump so clearly threatening that if he didn’t win, it would be because his opponents cheated. His lies are such a tell — if he accuses someone of something awful, it’s guaranteed he’s doing the awful thing himself.

It took a few months into the Trump presidency for me to understand that as a country, we don’t have a good way to deal with an illegitimate election. We have no way to hit pause. Instead, while we start an inquiry into the alleged corruption, we let the illegitimately elected official move forward as if legitimate. He can weaken our relationships with allies. He can appoint dozens of judges. He can destroy longstanding institutions. He can plunge us into deep debt. All while being illegitimately elected. And we let him do it.

Regarding the mid-terms, I confess: I fear that even if Democrats come out in a big way this November, that it won’t matter, because the results will again be corrupted. I’ve seen how hard people have worked the last two years to get citizens registered to vote, to make their voices heard, to get involved, to knock on doors. If we find all that effort hasn’t made a difference, how will I not conclude corruption? My faith in our current voting system has definitely been shaken.

How about you? How are you feeling about the midterms? Do you worry about voters being restricted where you live?

Changing the subject now, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

Thirteen links to discuss. Come see.

Nostalgia Alert: Polly Pocket is Back! And Better Than Ever

This post is sponsored by Mattel’s Polly Pocket.

Are you ready to get your nostalgia on? Remember Polly Pocket toys? My oldest daughter, Maude, is 19. She loved playing with Polly Pocket when she was little. I can easily picture her, maybe 6-years old, at a little bench in our family room in New York, deep into an imaginary Polly Pocket adventure,and totally tuned out to the rest of the world.

But my youngest daughter, June, age 8, has never heard of Polly Pocket. So, when the folks at Mattel reached out about a new Polly Pocket line, you should have seen me squeal with delight: Oh! Yeah! Goody!

A picture of Maude and June playing Polly Pocket together instantly popped into my head, and I thought having Maude introduce the toys to June would be something lovely for this big sister and little sister — with 11 years between them — to bond over.

Keep reading to see how the toys have changed.

Gentlemen Prefer Hanes

Four things I couldn’t wait until my Friday link list to share:

1) This essay on Medium titled, “Relax, Ladies. Don’t Be So Uptight. You Know You Want It,” is SO GOOD. It’s about how women of my generation (Gen X) were raised to care about the preferences of men above our own preferences, and we may not even be aware of it. One of the examples she uses, the Gentleman Prefer Hanes ads, made me gasp. I remember those ads!

At the time they came out, it never would have occurred to me how awful they are. Gentleman might prefer Hanes, but what about the women wearing the pantyhose? What do we prefer? And also, how gross is it that the men in the ads are apparently with a significant other, and openly checking out other women? We were raised on this stuff!

Click here for a quote from the essay, and three more things I wanted you to know about.



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