Living with Kids: Annie Bacon

Have you even gone through a big “downsizing” phase? Looking for ways to make your life simpler and less complex, and often, making them fit into a smaller space? I just did a huge downsizing in my own life recently and I think that’s why this weeks Living With Kids home tour really spoke to me. I’m excited to introduce you to Annie — an artist by passion and a graphic designer by trade, who left her day job and seriously downsized her house so she could be a stay-at-home-mom. And the house is just as clean and bright and charming as could be.

1200 square feet never looked so good. Keep reading!

A Few Things

Hello, Friends. How are you? Ready for the weekend? There’s no school for our kids next week, so when they get home today, it will be the official start of Thanksgiving break. Woo hoo! Our Thanksgiving break will mostly be focused on Scrooge rehearsals. There’s a big production of the musical happening on Temple Hill in Oakland, and Oscar, Betty and June are all participating. Oscar plays Tiny Tim (and has a big solo song), Betty plays his big brother, and June is in the Urchin Chorus. We’ve been going to rehearsals for weeks now and Opening Day is coming up fast — the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

If you’re local and would like to attend, there are six performances and tickets are free. You can reserve yours here. (And if you don’t manage to get tickets and still want to see it, chances are strong that you’ll still get in if you show up at the door near starting time.)

We were originally hoping to go to Yosemite for Thanksgiving, then realized that wouldn’t work with Scrooge rehearsals, so we made tentative plans to go this weekend instead. But the weather isn’t looking good (maybe snow in the park?), and now we’re waffling. We’ll see how we’re feeling tomorrow. : ) How about you? Any plans this weekend? Getting ready for Thanksgiving?

I’m going to watch the weather and think about our possible road trip, and while I do that, I have a few things I’ve wanted to share:

14 excellent links straight ahead. So much I want to discuss with you!

The Vintage Kitchen Trend Is Still Red Hot

Sometimes I’m the worst at predicting style trends. Over the last 10 years, I assumed the vintage kitchen trend had reached its peak at least 3 different times. And I keep being wrong. It’s still going strong and there are no signs of letting up. In fact, more and more appliance manufacturers seem to be getting into the vintage-style game even now.

I remember first noticing the trend with the resurgence of classic-style Kitchen Aid mixers in a original colors about 15 years ago. And since then, the trend has been applied to every kitchen appliance, tool and accessory you can think of. In fact there are popular appliance lines that only produce vintage-looking wares, ranging from big ovens to tiny electric kettles (think: Smeg and Big Chill).

Great examples of the trend below!

What Would You Tell Your High School Self?

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As your kids get older, do you ever think about high school and make mental lists of advice you want to give them? What you loved? What you would have changed? What you didn’t understand yet as a teen, but wish you had? I’m working with OLLY on a 2-part series about advice we would give our former teenage self, and our current teenage daughters.

The advice I would give to my teenage daughter Olive, and all teens, is straight ahead.

Living With Kids: Marianne Brown

Bright white walls, big windows, and carefully chosen art, furniture and accessories. There really isn’t anything NOT to love about today’s Living With Kids home. Marianne is an interior designer and a talented one at that. I can’t wait for you to peek around the home and see Marianne’s thoughtfully curated collections. Welcome, Marianne!

Marianne has some wise words to share about our perfectionism culture too. Keep reading!



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