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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Are you following the Democratic Party primary? If yes, you may have seen that the New York Times endorsed two candidates yesterday: Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar. I woke up to the news this morning and it was interesting to see the reactions — I saw a few responses along the lines of: YES! Anyone but a white male. But far more responses that accused the NYT of wimping out, and saying that if the field was all men, the Times would never have endorsed two options.

Except for the fact that the primary season lasts way too long, I admit, I have really enjoyed getting to know the Democratic candidates for president. From the beginning, my two favorites were Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren — our family went to both of their first events in Oakland (Kamala launched her campaign there!) and were deeply impressed with both. Over the past year, they continued to be my favorites and I was quick to like and retweet their messages. Now, with Harris no longer in the race (there are whole dissertations that need to be written on this), Warren has my vote.

I’m not the New York Times, and no one needs my official endorsement, but here it is anyway: I’m officially endorsing Elizabeth Warren.

There are a few reasons why Warren has remained a favorite candidate for me, and I’d love to share them with you. But before I do, I want to say:

I’m giving away 5 copies of Warren’s book! It’s not sponsored, I just want people to read her book. Hah! Want to win? Click through for details.

A Few Things

Hello, Friends? How are you? What has been going on with you? At the Blair house, we are about to enjoy a very low-key weekend, and I am here for it. Maybe I’ll start thinking about what to wear to Alt Summit, or work on my inbox, or do more fireplace research for the new house.

If I was in the States this weekend, I would be helping my sister Jordan celebrate her birthday — the big 4-0. She’s got a whole weekend retreat going on and it’s making me homesick and bringing on a lot of FOMO. Did you do anything special for your 40th birthday? Or do you plan to? (I admit, I didn’t do a single thing for mine. I’ve mostly ignored my birthdays for the last decade or so. But maybe I should have marked it somehow?)

How about you? Anything interesting going on this weekend? Ready for the link list? Here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share:

22 links to check out! Come see.

What’s Your Favorite Thing That Costs Under $50?

I bookmarked this tweet the other day because I was enjoying the responses so much. A woman I follow named Caissie St.Onge asked people what products give them a cheap thrill. Her exact words:

“I’ve been going on about the Revlon One Step & Trader Joe’s Baked Lemon Ricotta because I want to share the joy! I want to know what gives you a cheap thrill. What’s your fave thing that cost under $50. (Don’t say family/friendship/nature. We’re talking material goods, here!)”

The comments are a full-on treasure trove! So many interesting recommendations. Most are in the food and skincare/beauty categories, with other random and fun items mixed in (including a surprising number of socks!). Here are three products I noted:

Come see some of my favorites. And share yours too!

Living With Kids: Josh Bingham

[ Note from Design Mom: Our home tour editor, Josh Bingham, wasn’t available this week, so I’m bringing back a favorite from the archives — his own house! This home tour was originally published in January of 2017, and it’s still as gorgeous as ever. ]

I am excited to introduce you to Josh. He’s made some big changes in his life, and I couldn’t wait to show you how he’s living with his kids. I met Josh when we were in college — his taste and style and sense of humor were excellent, and have only gotten more refined through the years. His thoughts are spectacular, and I imagine they’ll change someone’s path today. Or maybe someday. (If your path needs to be changed, remember: we are all rooting for you.)

A big hug to Josh for sharing his truth – and fantastic home – with us. Enjoy!

Pink leopard ahead. Come see.

14 Things That are Different About Life in France

What a lovely weekend we had. We celebrated Oscar’s 15th birthday. We attended a King Cake celebration. And we had friends over for a jam session. Then, Ralph and Maude caught the early train to Paris this morning so they could fly back to California — the next semester starts on Monday. I’m glad their last weekend was an especially good one. (I shared snippets from the weekend on Instagram stories — I believe you can still see them even if you don’t have an Instagram account.)

Time is flying! This week marks four and a half months of our family being back in France. So I thought it might be fun to share a few observations about French life that are different than our California life.

LOTS of interesting tidbits. Come read and discuss!



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