An Easy Way to Reduce Stress & Free Up More Time With Your Family During the Holidays

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We’re one week into December. How are you holding up? I know the holidays can be nuts. There’s gift shopping and cookie exchanges and post office visits and Elf on the Shelf duties and parties to attend and trees to decorate and Christmas movies to watch and on and on. And I admit, I’m into it. I love it all! But sometimes I feel like we’re so busy during December, that I’m hardly seeing my family. Which drives me crazy! Because all this fun holiday stuff that I love? I really only love it when I’m enjoying the activities with my family.

So last week, after a long day of photoshoots, I decided to give UberEATS a try. I use Uber regularly and love it, so I don’t know why it took me so long to try UberEATS. I wish I’d tried it sooner! The whole service was as easy and smooth and affordable as I’ve learned to expect from Uber. And it turned what could have been really stressful ending to the day, into a relaxed, family-filled evening.

What we ordered, how it worked, and lots of family mealtime photos, when you keep reading.

You’re Invited to 746 Holiday Parties…

Holiday Style Tips & Picks that Won't Break the Bank

My friend Karey (the same one who told the heartwarming story about cardinals) has the best style. She has a major talent for finding eye-catching, glam, quirky, silly-chic pieces that make me smile, and make me want to up my fashion game.

She’s definitely who I would pick to dress me for a holiday party, so I thought it would be fun to ask her to share some holiday style tips and what-to-wear inspiration. And she found the best stuff!

Sparkly, fluffy, and unique…coming right up!

Something Extraordinary for Those That Make All This Possible

Luxe Holiday Cards from Hallmark

This post is sponsored by Hallmark Signature. Because there are no ordinary people, these are no ordinary cards. Click HERE to find a Hallmark Signature store near you!

When you think about this year, who would you say made your life extraordinary? Who is that person who lifted you up and reminded you of the goodness in life? Who did you count on? Who surprised you? Who inspired you? Who loved you? Whoever they are, I’m sure you would you agree: there’s really no better time than the holidays to let them know.

For me, two people that come to mind are my dear friends and long-term business partners Laura Mayes and Laurie Smithwick. And this is why…

Keep reading for the “why” and you’ll also find a few of my favorite cards.

Living With Kids: Ashana Sophia

Ashana Sophia and her family live in a 150-year old farmhouse they rescued and renovated with intention. They filled it with heirlooms, like 60-year old couches and chairs, and turned the front yard into an overflowing jungle of vegetables, herbs, tropical fruit, and flowers.

And speaking of flowers and herbs, they’re also owners of Agua de Flora Botanical Perfumery, creating their old-world scents in a Little Perfume House.

It’s all pretty magical. Come see. Welcome, Ashana!

Wishlist: A Little Perfume House. Come see!

Speed Queen Giveaway

Speed Queen Giveaway - Win a High-End Speed Queen Washer and Dryer Set!

This giveaway is brought to you by Speed Queen.

Who’s in the mood in win a major award? How about a Speed Queen washer and dryer set?!! Worth over $3500!!! It’s time for a Speed Queen Giveaway! Last week, we talked about washers and dryers and how I fell in love with Speed Queen — American made machines, with all metal parts, that last for 25 years or more, and come with the best warranty in the industry. And now, you get to fall in love with Speed Queen too! Here’s what you need to know:

You can enter this Speed Queen Giveaway — exclusively for Design Mom Readers — here. The Prize is a Speed Queen washer and dryer set — any set you prefer! Are you a top-loader devotee? No problem. Do you favor front-loaders? That’s great too. Love the old school mechanical dials? Fabulous. Prefer electronic controls? You got it.

You can find all the Speed Queen washing machine and dryer models here. Take a look, so that when you win, you’ll know exactly which machines to request. : ) Follow Speed Queen on Facebook, and click this link to enter the giveaway!

Keep reading to find out how to get extra giveaway entries!



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