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Salvador Dali Zodiac Salvador Dali Zodiac Salvador Dali Zodiac

By Koseli. Images via Brain Pickings.

I admit I am wholly unfamiliar with the zodiac calendar — I only know my sign. But these fascinating lithographs by Salvador Dalí have me curious and wanting to learn more.

Do you know your sign? Do you follow the Zodiac, or read a daily horoscope? Do you find similarities between yourself and others with the same sign? I’d love to hear!

Salvador Dali Zodiac Salvador Dali Zodiac



By Koseli. Image found here.

Did you spend this summer on a grand adventure? Or lay low and summer in your own locale? I loved following others’ vacation photos on Instagram and Facebook but sometimes I can’t help but sting with wanderlust — I love going to new places!

This time-lapse video of Europe’s most famous landmarks only pricked my wanderlust more — but it’s also holding me over until our next international trip.

If you could travel anywhere (no constraints!), where would you go?


The Human Body

By Koseli.

After asking for recommendations for apps to review, I received a plethora of tweets and emails asking me to please review TinyBop’s freshly launched app, The Human Body. I’d seen the buzz and was super curious what everyone was so excited about. Since my son is a little young to explore the app, we invited a friend’s four-year-old to explore it with us and give us his uncensored feedback. Ha!

The Human Body 2 The Human Body 3

From my perspective, the app itself is beautiful. It’s easy to navigate, well-designed, and well constructed. It’s not blatantly obvious how to interact with the app, but the poking and prodding around makes for an interesting and wonderful discovery. There’s a surprise sound (guts gurgle) or subtle interaction at every turn. (The sound effects are really amazing and add to the whole experience of exploring the different body systems.) If you have a child that learns better by just getting in there, asking questions, and poking around, this app could be a great way to create a deeper understanding and fascination with the body and its systems. Our little friend enjoyed the app and especially loved the sounds the body makes as you explore different systems. We would definitely recommend The Human Body for all kids.

The app crashed a couple of times but I’m sure that’s only from small bugs the team is busy remedying. The app is recommended for age 4+ and available for iPhone and iPad only at the moment. (I apologize to all those that have asked for app recommendations not only on iPhone, but on Android and other devices. If you have any favorite apps for Android, I’d love to hear. It’s been hard to find them!)

P.S. — We’ve reviewed lots of other apps, too. You can see them all here. If you have a favorite app you’d like to see reviewed, let us know.


Lotta’s Trees

August 22, 2013

Lotta's Trees Lotta's Trees

By Koseli. Illustrated prints by Lotta Olsson. Discovered via Fine Little Day

In light of Gabrielle’s recent post on finding the perfect house for their family (which they call The Treehouse!) and a P.S. that had us all empathizing and wishing she and her wonderful family R&R, I I have been searching for art and design that captures that feeling — the in-between time. The period between true summer and shimmering fall, the limbo just before you make the final steps, or the time when you’re in a new place but you’re not quite in the new place. I think we all understand that feeling. It can be exciting; it can also be painful and exhausting.

Swedish designer Lotta Olsson‘s illustrations of Seed Tree, August Tree, and Aspen Tree feel especially poignant and beautiful right now. I love how the spindly roots reach downward but still look like they’re floating, and the branches up top blossom and arch in surprising directions.

Lotta's Trees


Tiny Treasure: Eye Mask

August 21, 2013

Lovely eye mask

By Koseli. Lovely sleeping eye mask made by the Etsy shop Ruby and Joy.

It’s a simple thing.

But it wasn’t until I was two weeks past the point of total exhaustion two years ago that I got serious about sleep. (Hint: Stork dropped by.) I was willing to do anything — anything — to feel a little more like myself and a lot less like an evil queen as moody as a tween and fragile as delicate glass. My ever practical and experienced mother pulled out the complimentary Jetblue sleeping mask she’d received on her recent flight, snagged my sleepy baby from my arms, and pushed me into my bedroom to sleep. Until I woke up. For as long as I needed to.

Again, it’s a simple thing but I hadn’t realized how sensitive I was to the light that fills our bedroom throughout the day. Pulling that mask over my eyes felt like a literal “off” switch on my never ceasing anxieties and racing thoughts. It felt like magic.

Do you sleep with an eye mask, too? It always seemed too high maintenance or fancy to me, but I really don’t know what I was thinking. I think every person should have one. Throw in some chamomile tea, a bubble bath, and then some lovely ear plugs right before you climb under the covers and you’re sure to sleep extra deep.

 P.S. — I’m on the hunt for a mask that’s slightly less, ahem, practical than my Jetblue one. Any favorite online shops that sell them? : ) Also, you can find all the Tiny Treasure posts here.



August 20, 2013


By Koseli. Images via The Drifter and the Gypsy by photographer Masha Mel.

I just returned from a week-long trip to visit family out West. Minus some road trip food poisoning and a summer cold swooping in at the tail end of the trip, it was a perfect trip. I see my parents and siblings only once or twice a year so the occasion rings of warm rekindling and extra fervent loving. Every late night conversation, stolen hug, and witty tease means so much more because I know, I know, that these are the only moments we’ll have for months to come. This trip was extra special as one of my older sisters, Shirsti, and I are both expecting, she a girl and me another boy — and due only two weeks apart in November. Can you believe that? We have experienced our pregnancies in tandem via texting and apps, but is there really a replacement for seeing someone you love in the flesh?

Do you have a sister — or lucky you — even more than one sister? Do you think your life would have been different had you not had sisters? (Or had sisters?) I am so lucky to have three exceptional sisters by blood, and three sister-in-laws by love. They enrich and beautify my life. (And make me laugh harder than anybody else in the world.)


Women Reading

August 13, 2013

women reading 5

By Koseli. Images via Women Reading.

After perusing my favorite book blog for a book recommendation, I came across a new favorite Tumblr: Women Reading. I love the mix of modern photos alongside victorian-era paintings and etchings.

women reading 1 women reading 4

Are you a bookworm, too? I’m on the hunt for a new book to read for late summer. The last few books I’ve read I’ve loved — The Night Circus, The Fault in Our Stars, and an old issue of McSweeney’s short stories. I’d love to hear your recommendations and maybe we can all find a new book to read!


Verily Magazine

August 9, 2013

Verily Mag

By Koseli. Images by Verily Magazine.

I am so excited to share one of my new favorite magazines, Verily. Have you heard of it? It’s a women’s magazine that seeks to celebrate women as they are. It features strong cultural and lifestyle journalism, relationship advice that goes beyond sex tips, and beautiful and unique fashion worthy of the woman it adorns.Intriguing, right? To really introduce you to Verily’s incredible mission and purpose, we’ve decided to interview Verily’s founders and hear the rundown firsthand. Ready? I think you’ll love it.

Hi Verily! I know you co-founders are super passionate about the need for meaningful media for women, a more positive outlook on body image, and creating a space for women to be the “best version of themselves.” Can you tell us a little more about that?

Janet Sahm, co-founder: To be honest, Verily is a magazine, an outlet, I wish I had as a guidepost to navigate my life in an integrated way which I never saw in another publication. I looked to magazines, consciously or not, as signs for what was successful, desirable, and beautiful. The problem is, the majority of magazines start on the premise that you are not enough – thin enough, sexy enough, smart enough – you name it. Women are bombarded everyday with these visual and written messages in mainstream media.

We have the power to create the stories that we want to see, an alternative message that rings true to who women are and want to be. Much of the time, I think women just need to be given permission to feel beautiful, to know their own worth, to want something better for themselves. That’s exactly what we hope Verily will do.

More interview (and backstory!) of this new publication when you click through.


Whitney Deal Baby Shop

August 8, 2013

Whitney Deal Baby Whitney Deal Baby

By Koseli. Images by Whitney Deal.

Are there people you follow online that endlessly inspire you? Whitney Deal is one of mine. I’ve followed her for years as she’s shared her graphic design, photography, and fashion design on her sweet blog, Darling Dexter. I am so excited that she just opened a baby shop, Whitney Deal Baby. Have you seen it? I love her story behind its beginnings: After spending extensive amounts of time trying to find baby leggings she truly liked, she decided to make her own. (The beginning of so many great success stories, right?) And oh my goodness, are they the cutest baby leggings I could ever imagine. You can see them all here. But she didn’t stop at leggings and has added tees, rompers, and bibs. I can’t wait to see what she makes next.

Do you have any favorite baby clothing shops online? We’re expecting our second little boy in only three short months and I would love to hear what your favorites are.

P.S. — If you live in North Carolina, Whitney has a new showroom in Wilkesboro. It looks incredible!


Flow Magazine

August 1, 2013

Flow Magazine Flow Magazine

By Koseli.

I recently stumbled across the lovely illustration of Andrea D’Aquino and particularly loved her spread in the summer issue of Flow Magazine. I was particularly intrigued by Flow once I realized it’s a four-issue magazine based around four themes: Feel connected, Simplify Your life, Live Mindfully, and Spoil Yourself. (Best themes ever, right?!) The founders are from the Netherlands and are uber creative and inspiring. I especially loved their About video.

You can order Flow online here. (It ships internationally.) They also have a free Flow iPad app that’s all about paper. Super interesting, right? You can have the best of both worlds.


Modéerska Huset

August 1, 2013

modeerska huset modeerska huset

By Koseli.

Modeerska Huset is a children’s clothing line based in Gotherberg, Sweden, founded by Jenny Modéer.  Jenny’s goal is to create clothing that’s “fantastical,” can be worn throughout seasons, and boasts lots of hand drawn prints in a wide variety of colors. I was instantly captured by the incredible shots of their latest collection. She’s doing an amazing job of creating clothes that are both unique and practical.

The sizes range from newborn to six years old. You can buy Modeerska Huset online here, follow Jenny’s blog here,

modeerska huset


Hopewell Textiles Hopewell Textiles Hopewell Textiles

By Koseli. Images by Hopewell Textiles.

I love Anthology and the Anthology blog. Do you? They never fail to share beautiful, interesting, and inspiring products and ideas. When I saw a post on Hopewell American Textiles, my jaw dropped. These quilts may be the perfect find for someone who’s hunting for something handmade and graphic. (It can be so hard to find a handmade modern quilt!)

The history and mission behind Hopewell is just as beautiful. Keep reading.


Fog Over San Francisco

July 24, 2013

San Fran Fog

By Koseli. Image via The Phoblographer

In light of the Blair’s big move back to the states to Oakland, California, I happened upon the most perfect, beautiful video. It’s fog over San Francisco, captured in time lapse over two years.

It’s meditative, isn’t it?


Times Haiku

July 23, 2013

Times Haiku Times Haiku Times Haiku

By Koseli.

Times Haiku is serendipitous poetry from The New York Times. Jacob Harris created an algorithm to automatically generate poetry from recent stories from the paper. It “periodically checks the New York Times home page for newly published articles. Then it scans each sentence looking for potential haikus by using an electronic dictionary containing syllable counts.”

The results are uncanny, sad, or surprisingly testy haiku — handpicked by an editorial team and posted to the Times Haiku blog. Reminds me of my project Inadvertent Haiku, where I personally wrote haiku from the literal words found in top news stories, but with a brilliant algorithm and fresh design.

Do you love haiku, or poetry too? Any favorites?



July 19, 2013


By Koseli. Images from Currency via Campsite.

Currency is a new app that beautifully and simply helps you make quick currency conversions while you’re traveling. I love this! It’s a great way to avoid the stress of international purchases. Or is that just me that gets totally stressed out when checking out in a foreign language with foreign currency? Here’s a little video that shows more about it.

Do you use Currency already? Or maybe you’re just a whiz at quickly calculating exchange rates. : ) Do you have any other favorite apps for traveling? I love Instagram, Days, Hopstop, and the new Google Maps.


Atelier Solarshop

July 18, 2013

Atelier Solarshop Atelier Solarshop Atelier Solarshop

By Koseli. Photos via Atelier Solarshop.

Atelier Solarshop is a Belgium-based shop  with “a carefully selected, and constantly updated collection of well crafted contemporary works, harmoniously blended with timeless antique/vintage objects and furniture.”

Aren’t these one-of-a-kind pieces, beautiful? I love that they share updated captures of their shop, for those of us who can’t visit in person.

Atelier Solarshop Atelier Solarshop


Kimika Hara

By Koseli.

I love admiring others’ incredible talents, especially when those talents have to do with making things by hand. I recently came across this incredible embroiderer, Kimika Hara, through The Smallest Forest and was blown away by her colorful, whimsical embroidery.

Kimika Hara

Please tell me I’m not the only one who can’t wrap their mind around such intricate beautiful detailing like this. It’s so amazing! If you’d like to explore more of this Japan-based artist’s work, Kimika’s Flickr is out of this world.



20th Century Design Classics

By Koseli. Image by 67 Inc via Taxi.

This vintage trading card poster features the most iconic product designs of the twentieth century — including clocks, record players, chairs, and toasters. Are you a design enthusiast? Could you name your favorite from the A-Z list?



July 12, 2013

Handblown glass

By Koseli. Vase from this Etsy shop.

Anyone else completely fascinated by glass-blowing? This short video set to jazzy music follows a couple of glassblowers deep in the process. It’s beautiful.

Is there an art form or craft you’ve always wished you could try?


Portraits of 4th Graders from Around the World Portraits of 4th Graders from Around the World

By Koseli. Images via Taxi.

Photographer Judy Gelles traveled the world to take portraits of fourth graders and ask them three questions: Who do you live with? What do you wish for? What do you worry about? The resulting photos and responses are as candid and frank as an interviewer could ask for —and so sweetly child-like. It’s also interesting to note that a common thread among the responses was an emphasis on their own family. How wonderful is that?

Portraits of 4th Graders from Around the World

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