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Koseli Cummings

Lazy Animals

December 19, 2013

Lazy Animals Lazy Animals Lazy Animals

By Koseli. Images via Ayelet Gazit’s adorable shop.

Ayelet Gazit is an artist living in Tel Aviv making handmade, eco-friendly, ooak wool creatures that live in mobiles or shadow boxes. She calls them Lazy Animals. The little guys double as delightful finger puppet toys or charming home decor. Anyone else totally smitten like I am? I want that little toothy walrus to lazy around on my living room mantel.

P.S. — Ayelet also has a lovely blog for general creative inspiration. You can follow her here.


Wedding Traditions

December 11, 2013

Fulton & Co Fulton & Co bridal crowns

By Koseli. Images by of bridal crowns by Fulton & Co.

For those of you who are married, what was that one special thing you wore, carried, or did on your wedding day? And for those of you who are planning weddings, have you bookmarked any particular ideas?

I can be quite a sentimental person so I’m sure there were many special things I did for my wedding day that I honestly don’t even remember any more. But one thing I do remember is this advice from my sister (that I thankfully took). She said: 1) wear lip stain under your lipstick and 2) wear fake eyelashes. These two things kept me looking fresh for pictures hours after we were married, when we were starving and dare I admit it, forcing the smiles. : )

Fulton & Co bridal crowns fulton and co bridal crown

I’d love to hear about your wedding memories. Plus I’m curious: did you (or will you) follow the old-new-borrowed-blue rhyme? (Is it crazy that I don’t even remember if I did? It was a blur!)

P.S. — Few things make me wish I could redo my wedding, but these ceramic bridal crowns are one of them. Each tiny flower is shaped by hand. This is the kind of wedding purchase that is an investment. It certainly would be an heirloom for generations.


The Beauty of Math

December 3, 2013

beautiful math

By Koseli.

I’m not sure that the first word that pops into my mind  is “beautiful” when describing mathematics, but this video might change my mind. Were you a math whiz, or was it difficult for you to grasp basic concepts?

Make sure to watch the video in full screen!

P.S. —  A series of beautiful math-filled chalkboards.


Taking Time for Lunch

November 21, 2013

mieke willems

By Koseli. Image by Mieke Willems.

After coming across this simple post about a beautiful lunch, I realized how rarely I make time to prepare, serve, and enjoy a thoughtful, delicious, healthy lunch. Do you take time to eat lunch? A nice plate of food in the middle of the day feels so luxurious with everything else I feel like I “should” be doing, but as I’m thinking about this I’m realizing lunchtime could be a time to nurture and prioritize oneself.

Are there little things you do in the middle of the day to nurture yourself? A piece of chocolate? A funny YouTube video at work? A quick call to a close friend?


Forest History Society

November 20, 2013

miss-moss-forest-history-society-001 miss-moss-forest-history-society-007

By Koseli. Discovered via Miss Moss.

The Forest History Society is an archive dedicated to collecting and preserving forest and conservation history. And what an incredible archive! I love the peek into a different time.

There are so many good photo archives on the internet these days — organized by libraries, cities and universities. Do you have any favorites?



A Bookstore in the Woods

November 14, 2013

Bookstore in the woods Bookstore in the woods Bookstore in the woods

By Koseli

Jordan Sullivan and Claire Cottrell, photographers and founders of Book Stand, set up a book club in a densely wooded area of Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Here’s a little background on why they built a bookstore in the woods:

We wanted to do something unique with photography books and something that took advantage of Los Angeles. It is always warm and sunny here and there is so much nature and parkland, so we thought it would be great to use that as the setting for these events. I also just wanted to see what a book store would look like in the woods without walls, just natural architecture.

This set-up looks so peaceful and interesting. I love a good, solid bookstore but the whole idea of buying and reading books outside (and being with other readers who love books as much you do) sounds amazing.

What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever picked up a book? Maybe a garage sale? Or from a Parisian bookstall on the street? Do tell!



By Koseli. Discovered via The Artful Desperado.

Oh, these paintings by Thomas Darnell are shockingly beautiful, aren’t they? And look how huge they are too! Can you imagine the impact they have in a room? I kind of can’t get over their size. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like them.

What’s the most blow-you-away artwork you’ve seen in the last while? I’m in the mood to be wowed!

Giant still life paintings of roses, by Thomas-Darnell


Tree Cocoon

October 24, 2013


By Koseli.

The Tree Cocoon tent is a 132 lb. floating sphere made of aluminum tubes and canvas, anchored to surrounding trees with ropes. It looks pretty amazing if your focus is an incredible view and sleeping room-only.

But the biggest question of all: No matter how beautiful the accommodations, would you sleep in a tree?

Cocoon-Tent-Tree-House-2 Cocoon-Tent-Tree-House-5


Radio Shows

October 22, 2013


By Koseli. First image found here. Second here.

I love the radio. I grew up listening to Prairie Home Companion among a myriad of other AM and FM broadcasts that my parents loved. When I hear Garrison Keillor’s voice, I immediately feel like I’m eleven years old and it’s Saturday night in the warm kitchen I ate a thousand dinners in. It makes me so happy. As I’ve grown up, radio has changed and so has the way we listen to it. I mostly stream radio through my desktop at home, or if I want to listen to music, I turn on Rdio on my computer or Pandora on my phone.


One of my favorite podcasts is Here’s The Thing by Alec Baldwin. He interviews Hollywood celebrities in one episode (Michael Douglas) and influential policy makers (Ed Rollins) in another. I’ve also just discovered The Longest Shortest Time (oh my, isn’t that title perfect), a podcast by mother Hillary Frank all about the “surprising struggles of early parenthood.” It sounds wonderful and I can’t wait to listen.

Do you have any favorite radio shows or podcasts? How do you listen to music — on your phone, computer, or a real radio? :)


Self-Driving Cars

October 18, 2013


By Koseli.

Remember when we talked about self-driving cars last year? Well wait till you hear this: New York City Mayor Bloomberg signed a deal with Google to roll out 5,000 driverless taxis by 2014. By 2014! Apparently each new taxi will be equipped with an ATM and food vending machines, but that’s hardly why I’m excited. Apparently, they’ve been testing the cars since 2010 and they’ve proven to be safer, and more efficient than cars driven by humans.

Are you as excited as I am about this? Or skeptical of a car that drives itself? Let’s talk about how crazy a self-driving car seems and how it feels like we’re living in the future!

P.S. — This article is a good place to start if you’d like to know more about self-driving cars.


Tiny House Swoon

October 16, 2013

anthology-mag-blog-design-tinyhouseswoon-1 anthology-mag-blog-design-tinyhouseswoon-2

By Koseli. Discovered via Anthology.

It’s no secret I’m completely obsessed with miniature stuff. So when I happened upon a site completely devoted to small dwellings, I admit I let myself get giddily lost in the archive of Tiny House Swoon. For someone looking to downsize, live in a mobile-type-of-home, or vacation, this site is a total treasure. It’s also wonderful for garnering ideas about how to make an average room more multi-functional.

P.S. — Gabrielle is also obsessed with tiny houses. :) Here’s a tiny victorian cottage, candy-colored beach huts and mini houses from Texas.


The Night Sky

October 11, 2013

Milky Way

By Koseli. Image from The New Yorker via Kottke.

Sometimes I need to feel small. Like everything about me and my life is just a tiny speck in the grand scheme of the universe and that really, I’m rather insignificant. It’s simultaneously comforting and extremely lonely. Whenever I see stars, a brilliant moon, clouds carrying on as usual, all under the shroud of darkness, it prompts me to this type of thinking. It’s a cathartic experience I crave year-round. Those times are few and far between since we live in New York City and are surrounded by “light pollution” but I spent so many summer nights as a teenager staring at the night sky that I don’t think I can ever forget what it looks like when the sky is covered in twinkling stars. It’s magical.

Have you seen any stunning night skies lately? The other night, every person I followed on Instagram that happened to live in the Bay area shared a picture of the most beautiful sunset. I loved it.

P.S. This photo is of the Milky Way over the New Mexico desert. I have never seen such a brilliant night sky as when I was in the Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque two years ago. It was absolutely beautiful. 


The Ultimate Ikea Hack

October 9, 2013

ultimate ikea hack

ultimate ikea hack ultimate ikea hack

By Koseli. Images via Coroflot.

Have you noticed the huge upswing in “Ikea hacks” across all your favorite DIY blogs? They range from simple dresser knob replacement to — you won’t believe this — an Ikea stool turned into a children’s bike. This is definitely the most amazing repurpose of simple Ikea wood and hardware I have seen. And of course I love it all the more because a little 3D Printing is thrown into the mix.

Do you have any favorite Ikea hacks? One you’ve done yourself or one you’ve seen online that inspired you? People are so clever.

P.S. — More cool stuff made by 3D Printers.


That Special Thing

October 2, 2013


By Koseli. Image discovered here via Natalie Jean’s Pinterest board, Inspiring Me. It’s always good to get you pumped-up for a project.

Ira Glass needs no introduction — there’s no way I could recap every gem or pearl of wisdom or insight of his. This post is more of a reminder to everyone out there who’s made something, making something, or wants to make something and is struggling with the frustration of “it” just not feeling good enough. Or, if you’re struggling to even start that “thing” this video may push you over the edge to push publish, or pull out your sewing machine, or log out of Facebook and just start making stuff.

Are you working on a big project? Turning over a new leaf in your career? Jumping back into an old hobby? Let’s commiserate and cheer each other on. It’s hard work to be brave. I am working on a “thing” and honestly, it’s been super hard. One second I feel great! excited! confident! and a split second later I want five scoops of Rocky Road ice cream and a permanent spot in the corner of the couch. But I know it’s all a learning process and every day I get a little braver.


Lost and Found

October 1, 2013


By Koseli. Discovered via our very own Cafe Johnsonia. Lindsey always seems to know just what I might fall for.

Where would be without a little quirk and eccentricity? Lost & Found is a short film capturing the world’s largest collection of automata at Lost Gypsy Gallery in New Zealand, and the life’s work of inventor and artist Blair Somerville. It’s a peek into a bizarre and fascinating world of extreme DIY and up-cycling.

Are you a tinkerer? A collector? Maybe a bit of a self-proclaimed…hoarder?


Julia Paul Pottery

September 18, 2013

Julia Paul Pottery Julia Paul Pottery

By Koseli. Images via Julia Paul’s Etsy shop. Discovered via Door Sixteen.

Julia Paul’s pottery shop has me grimacing at our less-than-beautiful plain white dishes, but in a good way. I love beautiful ceramics!  Since floundering in my high school ceramics class, I have a huge appreciation for the art. And something about plating even the simplest dish on a beautiful plate elevates the entire dinnertime experience.

Julia Paul Pottery

Do you have a thing for ceramics, too? Any favorite places (online or offline) to find beautiful ceramics? And I’d love to hear if you’ve actually thrown any of your own designs or dishes!

P.S. — Pottery has me thinking of the gorgeous collection the Blairs inherited with the Treehouse.


Beth Kirby

By Koseli.

It’s been a little while since we’ve shared another favorite pinner! We are excited to introduce you today to Beth Kirby, the all-around creative genius behind the food(and so much more!) blog, Local Milk. Do you follow her? Lindsey of Cafe Johnsonia introduced us and we are completely smitten. If you love beautiful styling and delicious food, you’ll love her pins. We asked Beth to tell us a little bit about herself and share three of her most favorite recent pins so we can get a flavor of her impeccable aesthetic. Here’s what she had to say:

A sorghum evangelist with southern gothic leanings, I’m a writer, photographer, stylist, and cook born and raised in the Tennessee mountains. I’ve led an eclectic life, living everywhere from New Orleans to the Netherlands, but I moved back to Tennessee two years ago and found myself inspired by what had been there all along: home.

Especially home cooking. Southern cooking is story telling, and I created my food & lifestyle blog “Local Milk“ as a place to share my writing, photography, and seasonal, from scratch recipes. It’s a space devoted to cooking and simple, creative ways to make everyday life more beautiful, even if it’s just a shift in perspective. Or a biscuit.

I spend my days creating, styling, and shooting dishes; dreaming up new projects from an online shop (coming soon!) to pop up dinners to workshops, and I’m in the process of writing my first cookbook. I like to do a lot of everything and have an abiding passion for home, fashion, travel, and the arts as well as food.

I draw on everything around me for inspiration: the Jungian tomes my fiancé reads, a vintage copper kettle, my favorite Françoise Hardy album, an old hunting boot. All the different bits of life are connected, and it’s art’s job to illuminate those interconnections. That’s what my work, albeit humbly, aims to do.

Some of her favorite pins, straight ahead!



September 12, 2013

40_miachristopher49 40_miachristopher37 40_miachristopher42

By Koseli. Sketchbooks by Mia Christopher. Discovered via Emmadime.

I grew up watching my oldest brother draw — he always always had a pen and notebook in-hand and if I was lucky, he would draw something for me during church services. A picture of me in my bulky bifocal glasses, my favorite blankie, a mystical creature. Now I’m married to a designer and wherever he goes, he carries a notebook. It’s like second nature for me to double check that we have his notebook when we’ll be on the subway, flying, or sitting in a pew. It’s an extension and an outlet.

Do you use a writer’s notebook or sketchbook? Or are you print-free and use your smart phone to record moments and thoughts?


People’s Pennant

September 10, 2013

People's Pennants People's Pennants People's Pennants

By Koseli.

People’s Pennant! I caught wind of this online shop through Twitter and loved it from the moment I saw it. A group of talented designers make modern felt pennants that say clever, happy things. I love this idea — it feels like a rallying cry for positivity and appreciation of the small things. I love anything that celebrates the tiny victories of everyday. The pennants are hand-sewn and made in the USA using the same process pennant makers used in the early 1900s.

Three cheers for people making happy, positive stuff. You can check out all the pennant designs here.



By Koseli. Image via Brown Dress With White Dots.

Ew, summer feet. Cracked, chapped, dry and slightly dirty. (Like a dirty that takes more than a quick scrub.) As summer winds down and we start thinking about jeans and ankle boots, a little foot TLC probably isn’t a bad idea. If you’re looking for an at-home treatment, I love Reinventing the Heel by Origins. Have you tried it? It’s pretty amazing. It’s a heavy cream rich with rose fruit, jojoba oils, and shea butter. It also smells like menthol so your feet feel super springy and cool after application. It works like magic.

Do you have any pretty-feet-tricks? Favorite home remedies you’ve pinned on Pinterest? Inexpensive products you use to recreate a spa experience at home?

P.S. — Gabrielle swears by Mom’s Stuff for an all natural foot salve. Have you tried it? For more tiny treasures, click here!

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