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Meet Carter Higgins

November 26, 2012

By Gabrielle.

I’m always up for a good interview, aren’t you? So I’ve really been enjoying meeting my contributors a little more closely and getting to know them better than I already did! Haven’t they all been charming? Now, for one of my final introductions. Carter Higgins loves children’s books. And that is an understatement. She lives in them, eats them up morning, noon, and night, and seems to need them like the rest of us need air. She is also writing one of her own. It’s not a bad obsession, is it? Friends, I’d love for you to meet Carter. I consider us lucky to have her curating the best of the best books for Design Mom.

Q: If we only knew four things about you, what would they be?

A: I love, love, love picture books and can attribute both of my careers and lots of my interests to The Stinky Cheese Man And Other Fairly Stupid Tales. I can yodel. Learned one in German class in middle school and it hasn’t gotten out of my head since. I’ve broken my ankle ten times (eight on one, two on the other). I have a banjo, and maybe one of these days I’ll learn how to play it.

Carter’s one do-over moment seriously made me giggle!


Meet Lindsey Johnson

November 20, 2012

By Gabrielle.

Would you like to meet another Design Mom contributor? I hope you’re nodding your head right now because she’s a good one. Actually, much better than good! Lindsey Johnson is that friend who always elicits a sigh. Her pantry is stocked perfectly, no matter what recipe you’re dreaming of making. Even at midnight. Sigh. And have you tasted or tested her turkey and pie crusts? Two sighs. Wondered how to store asparagus? How to properly iron a dress shirt? How to mend your favorite favorite favorite pants that have an unfortunate hole in an unfortunate spot? Sigh. Of course Lindsey knows how to help! And I’m so grateful that she helps all of us on Design Mom. Friends, meet Lindsey.

Q: If we only knew four things about you, what would they be?

A: I love to learn about anything and everything. I like to read and am a sucker for memoirs, particularly if they are written by chefs or food bloggers. This is my favorite one at the moment. Everything in my life centers around food and cooking and the people I love. They are intertwined. I am very passionate, but not many people get to see that side of me. A lot of times people think I’m a snob, but really I’m just sort of shy and reserved and I prefer to quietly observe the world. But if you get me talking about something I love, good luck trying to shut me up!

Q: How did you get here?

A: I wish I could say I’ve lived all over the world or had an interesting upbringing, but it was really rather ordinary. Things did get interesting when I turned 20 and on an impulse, moved to New York to work for a year. I was a pre-med student and was buckling under the self-imposed pressure of my upper-level science classes. Organic chemistry had me breaking out in a sweat in the middle of the night.

I didn’t love New York right away. Right after I moved there 9/11 happened and I wondered what I had gotten myself into. Eight months later, I finally decided I was in love with New York. It helped that my husband and I spent a lot of our courtship wandering through Manhattan shopping, going to museums and movies, eating at every Indian restaurant we could find, and going to see They Might Be Giants perform. I admit I’m a much bigger fan now than I was then, though I did a great job pretending.

Why Lindsey loves photographing food, up next! Very cute!


Meet Amy Hackworth

November 8, 2012

By Gabrielle.

There’s another new contributor I can’t wait for you to get to know better! Her name is Amy Hackworth, and she is a writer. More than that, she is a writer with heart. And no matter what she writes, her easy graciousness and innate compassion come shining through. Whenever there’s a topic that touches me deeply, I wonder how Amy would phrase her own response. She never disappoints, whether she’s discussing if picture books are still relevant (they are!) or those sweet loveys I hope have been an integral part of your own lives (they were!). And luckily for me and for you, her kind words have found a new home on Design Mom. I can’t wait for you to welcome her in warmly!

Q: If we only knew four things about you, what would they be?

A: I am mother to two darling boys, married to one remarkable husband. I believe whole-heartedly in good manners. I am bookish through and through; one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received is that I look like an English teacher. I am friendly; if we sit next to each other on an airplane, I desperately want to ask you all about your life, but will probably refrain (see note about manners). That’s more than four things, depending on how you count. So here’s another thing: I’m not very good at counting.

Read on! Amy’s top three dislikes could have been written by me!


Meet Koseli

October 29, 2012

By Gabrielle.

Please tell me you’re loving meeting my new contributors as much as I’m enjoying introducing them to you! Up next is Koseli, who finds the coolest things for us daily in addition to having one of the coolest names ever. (I just discovered that I’ve been saying it all wrong in my head!) A New York transplant, she also gives me a lovely dose of East Coast edge that I crave all the way from La Cressonnière. Among other things, Koseli has shown us beautiful subway art, changed the way we see clouds in the sky, and took us along when she met Maira Kalman. And now, I’d love for you to meet her. Friends, this is Koseli!

Q: If we only knew four things about you, what would they be?

A: I love young adult fiction and crave good solid teen angst every couple of months. Keeps me grounded. I love to cook, collect Japanese stickers and stationery, and I also have serious wanderlust. I want to move to Copenhagen, or really anywhere in Scandinavia, for a year and see everything. My name is Norwegian, actually, and pronounced Kos-lee. There isn’t an exact English translation but it’s an adjective that means warm and cozy. Like Christmas morning. (I couldn’t stop at four!)

Q: How did you get here?

A: I come from a big, happy family, and what I’ve learned within that framework defines much of who I am. My husband’s name is Keenan. He’s my better half and I still feel like I’m crushing on him even after five years. I don’t feel like my professional pursuits can be unraveled from my personal ambitions; they work in tandem. Unlikely mentors along the way have guided me towards copywriting, but blogging was always there, keeping me writing and aspiring — though I was scared to death and only published privately until I started Inadvertent Haiku last year. I’ve since retired IH and just launched Original Archiving Company. It’s blog as catalog.

Up next…Koseli’s favorite part of her everyday. So lovely!


Meet Amy Christie

October 22, 2012

By Gabrielle.

I’m so excited to introduce you to another wonderful contributor to Design Mom! Amy Christie is the editor of The Perfect Gift column. You’ll hear from Amy once each week as she features projects she’s created herself, and projects sent in from readers too. (Watch for a new project in just a few minutes!)

Amy is one of those friends who always seems to be making something wonderful. They’re the kind of projects that make you Ooh! and Ahh! and ask where she bought such a perfect thing, always shocked when she answers, “I made it.” The only thing Amy likes more than making, is gifting the creations to friends and loved ones. Because giving something away is the perfect excuse to make more! Friends, I’d love for you to meet Amy. If you’re very nice, she might make you something, too.

Q: If we only knew four things about you, what would they be?

A: I love laughing. The love I feel for my children goes beyond what I ever thought I would or could feel. I love homemade food. And chocolate is a necessary food group.

You don’t want to miss Amy’s favorite parts of her everyday. Sweetness!


Meet Raleigh-Elizabeth

October 18, 2012

By Gabrielle.

As you may have noticed, we have some fantastic new writers here at Design Mom. I want you to get to know them better, so I’ve asked each one a few questions, starting with Raleigh-Elizabeth. No matter what she writes, I find myself smiling all the way through her words. No surprise: I smiled all the way through to the end of this little interview. (Didn’t we all have a Drew Baldwin?!) I hope you enjoy her even half as much as I do!

Q: If we only knew four things about you, what would they be?

A: I believe cooking for you is tantamount to magic and homemade chicken soup will cure nearly everything. I love to write letters. I always have a book with me. And I love anything with sparkle.

Q: How did you get here?

A: I grew up listening to public radio the way most people breathe. My parents — who were divorced — had it on in their cars, in every room in their houses, and both played it from morning until night. I’m not sure it ever got turned off, actually. It became the soundtrack of my young life, and I dreamed of being able to tell stories the way those reporters did. While my friends fell in love with Disney princesses, I fell in love with foreign correspondent Ann Garrels. I considered Harriet the Spy a how-to manual, and I read everything I could get my hands on, hoping that one day, I’d be able to tell a story as well as she did, too.

It took two masters, a Ph.D., 12 years in New York, and countless interviews (even one in which Chuck Norris called me cute!) before I realized that the stories I wanted to tell had nothing to do with hard news. I want to write about the wonderful things we see in everyday life, the things that make us smile, the things that make us happy to be exactly who we are. And thanks to some people who are great at doing just that, it’s what I get to do every single day. I pinch myself all the time.

Keep reading to find out 3 things she loves, and 3 things she doesn’t love at all.

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