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By Gabrielle.

I’ve got another Celebrations video to share with you today, and I hope you’ll like it! In this video, Birthday Traditions Part 2, you’ll find 3 more happy ideas to help you establish long-lasting traditions your family will treasure. If you missed it, you can find Part 1 here.

As I mentioned before, I’m hoping birthday traditions can become an ongoing theme, and that I’ll make more videos as I come across good ideas. Which reminds me, thank you so much for sharing your favorite family birthday traditions — I love reading your comments!

P.S. — Watch for a You Are Special Today Plate DIY coming later this week. Also, you can find my Babble Celebrations column here.


By Gabrielle.

Hooray! I’ve got another Celebrations Video I made for Babble to share with you today. This one is all about easy, fun birthday traditions you can start with your family! I’m sharing 3 ideas in the Part 1 video today and next week, I’ll share the Part 2 video, with three more ideas (and a DIY!). [UPDATED: here's the Part 2 link.]

I’m hoping this can become an ongoing theme, and that I’ll make more Birthday Traditions videos as I come across good ideas. : ) Please enjoy it!

P.S. — Find my Babble Celebrations column here.


By Gabrielle. Amazing Movie Marquee by my sister at Oh Happy Day.

I’ve got another Celebrations video to share with you! I think it’s a cute one. It features the whole family (plus pajamas and a trombone solo), and it’s all about turning an average Friday night into an Epic Family Movie Party. Also, I hope you like the sound of my voice, because I talk and talk and talk throughout the whole video.

If you want to create your own special movie night, you’re in luck, I put together a collection of 15 movie-party sources over on Babble just for you.

And now it’s your turn: What are your movie party traditions? And more importantly, who gets to decide which movie to watch? How about You’ve Got Mail? : )

P.S. — Fun fact: this was actually the first Celebrations episode we made, but I didn’t want it to get lost in the Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas rush, so I’ve been saving it till now.


By Gabrielle.

I made another video for my Celebrations Series! Would you like to see it? It features a collection of 9 cool products you can pick up at any grocery store as last-minute hostess gifts. Stylish items that make great gifts and won’t look last-minute at all. (You can read more about why I picked each item in my Babble slideshow notes.) Let me know what you think. And tell me what you’d add to my list!

In the mood for something beyond my 9 suggestions? Here are my tips for Grocery Store Gift Buying:

1) If you really want to be a pro at last-minute gifts, you’ll need to keep 4 specific items in your glovebox: cellophane bags, a spool of ribbon, gift tags and a small pair of scissors. Those 4 things will transform the most ordinary items into Fabulous Gifts.

2) Avoid anything that’s actually intended to be a gift. No cheese and pepperoni sets. No boxed chocolates with a bow printed across the front.

3) Avoid anything holiday-ish. No red and green candy. No christmas tree shaped packages. These tend to feel generic and last-minute. And once January comes around they feel expired.

4) Avoid anything that’s considered a luxury item. No perfumes or lotions or candles. The options at a grocery store never feel very luxurious.

Happy Holidays! Here’s to being stylish — even at the last-minute.


By Gabrielle.

If your kids are frowning about not getting to sit at the grownups table, I may be able to help you out! I made a little video with a few tips to make the Thanksgiving Kids Table the most coveted seat in the house.

Paper bag turkey by One Charming Party.

I’d love to know: Will there be a kids table at your house this year? Do your kids ever get jealous of the grownups table?

P.S. — Secrets to the Perfect Turkey and the Perfect Pie Crust.


By Gabrielle.

Friends. Are you on video overload? : ) I promise, this is the last one I’ll share this week.

Let me guess. The season has been lovely and you’ve thought about inviting friends over for caramel apples or hot cocoa or maybe even pie a la mode. But you put it off because you wanted to get the house festive first. Well I’ve got your back! In this video, I give 3 ideas for fast, easy, great-looking ways to decorate your house for Halloween. (You’ll even see me make those apple votives I’m so fond of, right before your eyes.)

I hope you enjoy the video! Find more of my videos here.


By Gabrielle.

I get it. Halloween isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But most kids adore this holiday like crazy! And you can totally make their day by joining the festivities — even in the tiniest of ways. I made this video with 6 ideas that are perfect for the costume averse among us. They’re easy, not-messy, and inexpensive. You can dress normally, then add or subtract these ideas as you move from work to errands to the school Halloween parade. Enjoy!

I’d love to hear: Do you embrace dressing up on Halloween? Or were you delighted to leave it behind when you graduated from trick-or-treating?

P.S. — You can find all the videos in the Celebrations with Design Mom series here.


By Gabrielle.

Friends. Here’s something new that I’ve been dying to share with you: Today, I launched a new video series on Babble!

The series is called Celebrations with Design Mom (just like the name of my Babble column). And the videos will cover everything that falls under the umbrella of celebrating. Baby showers and birthday parties. Holidays and special days (like the First Day of School). Even family gatherings and movie parties. All the fun stuff!

At the end of last month, I mentioned working with a video crew, and this was the project. We filmed 7 episodes that week and I get to share the first 3 this week. (It’s going to be video overload around here. Hah!) Take a look at the first episode. I really hope you enjoy it:

Confession: After all of the Olive Us episodes I thought I was used to working on videos, but it was a totally different feeling being in front of the camera instead of working behind the scenes. I was so nervous. Tiger in a Jar was the video crew and they did an amazing job. The videos are gorgeous! But even knowing how talented the video team is, and that they wouldn’t make anything that wasn’t lovely, this is still one of those projects where I have butterflies in my stomach, because I’m putting myself out there and trying something new. (Those darn butterflies!)

If you have ideas for future episodes, please feel free to leave a comment below. I’m totally craving feedback!

P.S. — For those who have asked, the fantastic stripey sweater dress is by Tea Collection.

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